Potsticker Party!! ((An Okie Girl’s Take on Potstickers))

One of our favorite people is in town during summer break for just one week and that can only mean one thing! Food and fun — wait, that is two things! Summer brain is a killer, haha! Our Luke is in from Columbia and oh how we have missed him! So dinner was his choice, which as you may guess from the title of this post, he picked potstickers. Continue reading

Peach & Plum Cobbler with Cinnamon Sugar Dumplings

Let me tell you a little something about me: I don’t grocery shop. Well, I do some shopping but it is mainly limited to the Braum’s Fresh Market store & occasional invitations to join David for a shopping trip “date”. The tiny Braum’s market keeps me from buying things not on the list and, more importantly, not in our budget. Yes – I have a problem staying on a budget, oops.

Wondering why I don’t grocery shop?? Continue reading

Epic Lasagna — Meat & Potatoes Meet Homemade Lasagna Noodles!!

Now, before I start telling you about this recipe, let me quickly tell you about the name of this recipe. It all started when I was struggling to heave this massive creation out of the oven. It was massively heavy because I was afeared feeding 4 college guys an average sized lasagna would not fill them up – so, I doubled it and assembled it in a — get ready for this:  Continue reading

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