Oozing Mummy Dog Family in the House!!

Every year at this time we have a dinner tradition: “Oozing Mummy Dogs”. I have seen plenty of look-alikes floating around television, Pinterest and magazines, but I have never seen the “real dog”. The Oozing Mummy Dog, that is. Now, please don’t burst my bubble and work to prove me wrong! I am sure these have been done somewhere before I started making them — but let me live in my fairytale, please ((haha)). Continue reading

Spicy Oven Roasted Pumpkin Hummus

Wow – this one surprised me. I mean, knew it would be good..I hoped it would be really good. But I never expected it to be this great! I can’t say enough about the impact cooking dried garbanzos has on the flavor of the hummus. If you haven’t tried using them yet, run ((fastly)) to the store, spend $1.19 on a pound of dried garbanzos and pick one of THESE Food for a Year hummus recipes to try. You will be pleasantly surprised ((and hooked)).

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Juicy & Tender Roasted Whole Chicken ((Slow-cooker Style))

This meal reminds me of home! Not because it was a common recipe in my home growing up, more because it tastes so very good…and the smell: mouth-watering! That savory wave of herby goodness fills every corner of the home when this chicken is doing its thing. This recipe is like cozy gray pants, a cold rainy day, a good book and rooms full of giggles all crammed into on pot. Really. You can never make it too much and it never disappoints.

So get your whole chicken ready and make this recipe – it’s time to go home.

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Make Your Own Cake Mix ((in bulk)) — for the Best ((and easiest)) Cake

Simplicity is the name of the game! Oh, well there is one other game I play also – the “only eat what you can pronounce” game.

Don’t know what I am taking about? Let me show you the list of ingredients in a Super Moist Butter Yellow Cake mix from Betty Crocker ((sorry Betty, I like your cookbooks better than your box mixes – but the mixes still taste REALLY good – I just wish you would refine less — like a lot less)):

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