Teenie Cookie Butter Cookie Balls

Yes, my friends, I did it. I made “teenie” cookie butter cookie balls. Teenie being a code word for “eat by the dozens guilt-free”. That is right, I used the words “cookie butter” and “guilt-free” in the same paragraph. Trust me – I am buying into the lie, but my pants seem to disagree.

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Big Country Breakfast Bread Pudding — Food for a Year’s most popular recipe!

Well — here you have it! Big Country Breakfast Bread Pudding has been Food for a Year’s most popular recipe… BY A LANDSLIDE!! I am amazed at how many people have viewed & commented publicly and privately on this recipe. Continue reading

Oven Roasted Crispy Chicken & Rainbow Veggies with Gremolata & Bacon

Isn’t this a gorgeous meal?? You can’t help but feel good about your cooking skills when putting this into the oven. But before I tell you all about how wonderful this is and how I know YOU CAN DO THIS, don’t zone out into your thoughts of “I could never do this!” or “what is a gremolata…sounds too fancy” or “I do good not to burn mac N’ cheese, so I am not even attempting this!”. If you can chop ((without loosing a thumb)) then you can do this.

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Cheesy Bacon & Jam Stuffed Biscuit Cups

I love making breakfast muffin cups and lately I have been on a real roll. The guys are homeschooled 3 days a week ((and Gracie is homeschooled exclusively)), so I get plenty of opportunities to try my breakfast ideas on them. They love my NomNoms ((check out all my recipes my clicking the link)), but some times I am in the mood for something a little simpler. Breakfast cups are about as simple as it gets. Continue reading

Giant Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich Supreme ((A Perfect Super Bowl Party Food))

Are you ready for some football food?? It’s that time of year where people are gathering around the TV rooting for grown men to do amazing things with a football. With all the effort it takes to root, we need some extra special, yummy game day food, right?! For this big game treat, I took a favorite hot sandwich & turned it into a real crowd pleaser.

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Crispy Ham & Dinosaur Kale Topped Cheesy Manicotti

Lately, I have been working to clear out those little odds and ends in my pantry, fridge & freezer. You know what I am talking about?? Those bits of unused ham, several partial baggies of dried beans and lentils, a few fresh veggies that I never figured out when to use, half cartons of broth, cream and tomato juice, mustard jars and Italian dressing bottles that are one scrape or squeeze away from the garbage and on & on.

Somehow, my groceries accumulated into clutter that are too useable to toss but really need to be used to protect my neat-freak sanity. Do you have those piles of food clutter?? Well, I have been working on the BIG Pantry Clean-out of 2015. Continue reading

No-Peek Magic Bean & Ham Soup

I have just fallen in love all over again with my giant cast iron enameled Dutch oven. For the longest time, my slow cooker was my go to dinnertime savior for those crazy days that start when it’s dark and end when it’s dark. You know what I mean, right? We are up and out of the house by 7:20 AM, run to & fro all day long, and come dragging in at 6:30 PM, tired & hungry. Tired and hungry don’t quite cover our condition, HANGRY Continue reading

Sour Cherry Topped Homemade Vanilla Cheesecake

I recently shared one of my most favorite dessert recipes – given to me by my dear friend Laura. The recipe is for a very simple extremely delicious authentic homemade cheesecake. Please read all about how amazing and delicious ((and EASY)) this cheesecake is by clicking HERE.

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