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Spicy Bean & Rainbow Veggie ((No-Peek)) Veggie Stew

A pound of dried beans, a colorful medley of fresh veggies and a few pantry staples are often my ticket to a simple, tasty dinnertime solution. While away on our recent vacation, NO-PEEK bean stew made it’s way to our dinner table several times. In order to bring a little variety to my favorite no-peek method ((see more ideas HERE)), I switched up the veggies, spices and cooking liquid.

It’s always funny to watch the kids compare my different “No-Peeks” especially when leftovers from the last no-peek still exist. Continue reading

Pacific Northwest Blueberry Brownies

On the way to the Anacortes Ferry there is the most delightful outdoor market. I first discovered this market on our trip to Orcas Island 2 years ago. On that trip, I loaded up on fresh, sweet corn, herb bundles as big as my head, tomatoes, carrots, several types of fruit and two flats of blueberries. The blueberries were my most treasured purchase – one taste and my entire perception of that little blue fruit was forever changed. Unfortunately, blueberries ended up being the only item I cooked with while on that trip. Continue reading

Trip of a Lifetime ((part 5 – the end)) expectations…exceeded

This story as been harder to write than I first anticipated ((and longer than I thought it would be too)). Originally, I thought 2 parts would cover it. However, as I began writing it out, sections and divisions became clearer to me. Each portion of this story has been a contrast between need and provision, unexpected and providentially prepared, a time of peace and a sudden storm, needing guidance and a path made clear. But this last portion of “our story” is going to contrast something completely different and I hope, rather than being bored with a long story, what you will see in these final moments inspires you to shine in the midst of suffering.

Continue reading

A trip of a Lifetime ((can this count as 2 Tips of the Week?)) part one

When you hear nothing from me for this long of a stretch, you can be sure it is not for a lack of things to say, haha.  Words have been bursting forth in my mind, but time to sit and compose has been nonexistent. I am now home ((in Oklahoma)), and have a few spare moments to reflect on what I imagine will, for the rest of my days, be referred to as the trip of a lifetime. Continue reading

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