Everything about the ((copper)) kitchen sink:

Everything about the ((copper)) kitchen sink:

Wow, time flies! We have lived in the house for a bit over a year. As the anniversary of completing one of the hardest ((exciting)), most stressful ((challenging)) things I have ever done passes by, I can’t help but examine some of the multitude of choices I gruelled over. So many little details: drawer pulls, electrical outlet placement, light fixtures, countertops, flooring and don’t even get me started on paint! One of my most worrisome decisions: my kitchen sink. Why? Because I chose an apron front hammered antique copper single bowl farmhouse kitchen sink. Here were a few of my concerns:


  • Will it tarnish weird? 
  • Will it be too dark?
  • Will it be ugly?
  • Will it be awesome??
  • Will I be able to wash dishes in it? ((wow – if not, that is a huge problem, huh?))
  • Will it be able to be cleaned…I mean REALLY cleaned??
  • Speaking of cleaning, will a single bowl be very good — or very bad?
  • Will I be sorry I chose it??
  • The counters are custom cut to fit the sink — if I HATE it, I will either have to live with it, or GASP– replace the countertops too.
  • THAT is NOT happening.


I read reviews for every copper kitchen sink I could find. There are many choices, not just through Home Depot, but Wayfair and countless plumbing websites. After hours and hours of research, I chose the Home Depot sink. The price was pretty great ((compared to other brands)), the gauge of copper was the thickest and the sink is gorgeous! But the best part?? The reviews answered every concern.

Yes, it will tarnish. Yes, there will be uneven discolorations. Yes, cleaning dishes by soaking overnight IS a no-no. BUT, YES – it’s beautiful, rustic, unique & all of the discolorations and tarnishing adds to the beauty.

When it was installed, my heart leapt with delight. I knew – I had made the right aesthetic choice.

A year later, I am still so happy with my beautiful farmhouse copper sink. I purchased a large soft sided plastic tub for, deep soaking & collecting dirty dishes throughout the day. The oversized sink makes cleaning large pots and pans a breeze.


Oh, and the tarnishing?? Every once in a while, I use a cleaning product on an item in the sink ((like Goo Gone for instance)) and an oopsy happens. All of the tarnish lifts and what’s left behind are spots of bright, shiny copper. The first time it happened, I almost had a heart attack. But after a few days, the tarnish reappeared and all was right in kitchen sink world again. I will not be using Goo Gone in my copper sink again, but I know it won’t be the last time something accidental happens.

Another issue I noticed – when I set piping hot things or pour boiling water in the sink the copper darkens. Although some of these things are unavoidable, I try to pour the water straight down the drain. Again, within a few days, the sink returns to its original patina.


The last thing I will say about habit changes I have made: dishes left in the sink. That’s right, no plates, cups, pans, forks, mixing bowls…nothing. It will leave a mark like a ring, a perfect square or an obvious rectangle. Sure, the mark will disappear over time, but if I did it every day ((like I used to)) there would always be random marks in my sink. Within an hour or so, I hand wash and dry most dirty dishes. This is not a big deal in light of the fact that I only hand wash all pots, pans and most of my dishes ((I am compulsive, a story for another day.))

There you have it – I love my copper farmhouse sink! It is just as usable as it is beautiful. I regret nothing and would do it all over again if ((please NO!)) I ever needed to choose another kitchen sink.


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  • Hi, I am looking into getting a copper sink for my kitchen renovation and was wondering if you still have yours and if it is continuing to hold up well?

    • Hi – thanks for asking! Yes, It has held up well, just getting more beautiful with use. It’s very easy to care for and any spots that arise from not immediately rinsing out food disappear within a few days. I still love it and would choose it again if I had it to do over again.

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