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Cheesy Baked Green Chili & Onion Dip

Chances are, if you have been to my home for a shower, birthday, brunch, game day or any holiday — then you have had one of my all-time favorite baked dips “Onion Soufflé“. I first fell in love with this recipe 17 years ago ((but who’s counting)) when my mother-in-law, Cheryl, whipped it up for a holiday get-together. Continue reading

Triple Ginger Sugar Cookies with Crystalized Ginger Buttercream 

My plan for this cookie recipe was engineered as I munched on one of my favorite Trader Joe’s treasures: the Triple Ginger Snap. You may wonder how, out of all of the TJ’s wonders and confections, a ginger snap could ever be a favorite. Well, it is really all about it’s superiority over all other snaps. With the trifecta of gingers ((powdered, fresh & crystallized)), your socks are officially blown off a few bites into the first snap; at the very moment you realize you are picking bits of sweet, peppery candied ginger out of your teeth. Continue reading

Spiced Apple & Sugared Ginger Galettes Drizzled with Salted Caramel Sauce ((AND a Special Announcement!!))

I have never been one to keep a cat in the bag, and I have been bursting to tell you all about a fun, new partnership between Food for a Year & my favorite copper sink company, Sinkology. I am Sinkology’s new Guest Food Blogger! ((YAY!)) I will be sharing some simple, rustic & classic recipes, reflective of both my cooking style and my experience with selecting, living with & loving copper sinks ((yes, those two things are actually VERY similar)). The entirety of this post, along with this rustic, simple & delicious recipe, can be viewed over at the Sinkology Blog


Oklahoma may have some 90° days yet to come, but this recent string of cool, crisp mornings is all the confirmation I need, yes — Fall is upon us! Continue reading

Huevos Rancheros Verdes Breakfast Cups ((Breakfast will never be the same!!))

I have a bundle of recipes just floating around in the spaces between my to do lists, daydreams and whatever decides to bounce around in my brain throughout my days. And this recipe is one that has been begging to come to be for months. Please tell me I am not the only one this happens to! Continue reading

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