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Bombshell Blondies ((or Double Chocolate Salted Blondies))

This is one of those recipes that can be called so many things and, although all of the names are pretty great, none of them compare to the utter amazingness of that first bite. Chocolate chunks mixed with a salty, brown sugar-rich dense, chewy, moist, cakey — brownie-like cookie bar is a real threat to your pant’s size. Trust me. Continue reading

CopyCat Old-School Iguana Lounge Salsa

In the year BB ((before babies)), I worked for an engineering firm in OKC, on the edge of Nichols Hills and had money to burn. Well, I NEVER had money to burn – but I could afford the occasional $4.99 lunch special at a string of nearby restaurants. Brown Bag’s Chicken Salad Sandwich & Pearl’s, Red Beans & Rice were among my most favorite lunches. I have shared my “copycat” version of those recipes HERE & HERE. But the one restaurant I have yet to discuss is Iguana Lounge. Continue reading

An Okie Girl’s Take on Homemade Spicy Peanut Sauce

True confessions: My refrigerator is a messy, messy beast. I have 9 types of mustard ((that is a whole other story)), at least 7 jars of pickles ((spicy pickles are my fave!!)), ketchup, mayo, several salsas, sriracha, wing sauce, olives, pasta sauce, some random leftovers, cookie dough, jams, soy sauce, eggs, cream, milk — well, you get the picture. I cringe at the thought of sharing an unfiltered photo. But, I simply opened the doors, resisted the urge to repair the mess & told the fridge to smile and say “cheese” — haha, cheese!! Prepare to be “fridge flashed” ((eek))!! Continue reading

A Bunny Status Report

I haven’t been talking about our bunnies lately and it isn’t for a lack of things to say!! We have been busily getting them set up in a new, more secure spot! We started work on rebuilding & securing their area way back in the summer. As the days shortened and the temperatures became cooler, we had to really pick up the pace. While work was underway, the bunnies stayed in my climate-controlled potting shed – and I knew if we didn’t hustle, they wouldn’t get their winter coats.  Continue reading

New Year’s Day and the 4th Anniversary

It is much easier for me to talk about food. Food pretty much does what I say and mostly tastes good. If I have a food fail, it isn’t a waste but a learning opportunity. All the while, it meets a basic need for my clan. Often, food leaves the herd feeling satisfied and hopefully happy. Successes in the kitchen are easy for me to transfer into a simple recipe – and with a few pretty photos, a couple of cooking tips & an ingredient short list, a blog post is up. Continue reading

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