Crispy Oven-Roasted Salt & Pepper Chicken + Veggies

I promised a series of lighter recipes all intend­ed to help in the efforts of get­ting back into all of the clothes hang­ing in my clos­et. Then I had the idea to teach myself how to make bread.

Well, it’s been a slow­er process thanks to becom­ing a bet­ter bread mak­er — but I am still focused on the goal. With that in mind, I thought I’d share one of our fam­i­ly favorites for din­ner­time — oven roast­ed crispy chick­en & veg­gies.

I kept this recipe SUPER sim­ple by sea­son­ing with just salt & pep­per. Some­thing about “keep­ing it sim­ple” real­ly high­lights the “com­fort food” aspect of this home-cooked meal. Thanks to a secret ingre­di­ent and a driz­zle of canola oil, this chick­en becomes juicy and crisp in the oven with very lit­tle added fat & calo­ries.

The secret ingre­di­ent is a few table­spoons of corn­starch. This helps to draw mois­ture out of the skin, cre­at­ing a light & crispy skin.

A mix of rain­bow car­rots, gold­en pota­toes, white onions and cel­ery sticks — sprin­kled with some s & p and a driz­zle of canola makes a per­fect bed for the chick­en legs.

Sim­ply toss the chick­en legs in s & p and corn­starch then place them atop the veg­gies.

So yum­my and full of fla­vor — but friend­ly on the waist­line.  The chick­en is crisp, moist and per­fect­ly (and sim­ply sea­soned). But my favorite part is the sur­prise of just how yum­my the oven roast­ed cel­ery is. Slight­ly sweet and a bit salty as it absorbed the roast­ing juices of the chick­en and mag­ni­fied the cel­ery fla­vor in the best way. 

Every­one needs a meal that is sim­ple, fast, tasty, inex­pen­sive (this meal fed 6 for under $10 TOTAL!!)) AND easy on the waist­line, right?! Well, here you go, hope you enjoy!

Crispy Oven-Roast­ed Salt & Pep­per Chick­en & Veg­gies
Serves 6
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Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
35 min
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
35 min
  1. 12 chick­en drum­sticks
  2. 3 T corn­starch
  3. 3 medi­um Yukon gold pota­toes, cut into sticks
  4. 4 medi­um car­rots, cut into sticks
  5. 3 cel­ery stalks, cut into sticks
  6. 1/2 medi­um white onion, thin­ly sliced
  7. salt & pep­per
  8. 3–4 T canola oil
  1. Pre­heat oven to 400°. Line 2 bak­ing sheets with parch­ment paper and even­ly spread cut veg­gies across both sheets. Sprin­kle with salt and pep­per and driz­zle with 2–3 T canola oil. Toss to coat and space even­ly across bak­ing sheets again.
  2. In a medi­um bowl, toss chick­en drum­sticks in corn­starch, salt and pep­per (approx­i­mate­ly 1/2 tea­spoon of each) and driz­zle with remain­ing canola oil.
  3. Place drum­sticks atop veg­gies, be sure they are even­ly spaced & not touch­ing.
  4. Place bak­ing sheets into pre­heat­ed oven and bake for 30–35 min­utes, until chick­en is cooked through and crisped and the veg­gies are ten­der.
  5. Serves 6.
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