Cooking Classes

I am excit­ed to announce the addi­tion of Kid’s Cook­ing Class­es in the Food for a Year Kitchen ((aka my home kitchen)).

The cook­ing class­es have been sched­uled through the end of Novem­ber with more in the works for the Fall. I have had mul­ti­ple requests for adult class­es and am mak­ing plans for those as well. 

Are you :: 

  • inter­est­ed in sign­ing up for class­es??
  • a cre­ative whiz & have ideas for future class­es??
  • inter­est­ed in a spe­cial book­ing??
  • a ques­tion haver??

Sim­ply leave a com­ment below and I will get in touch with you!

Hap­py Cook­ing!


Please note, very few open­ings remain. The soon­er you con­tact me, the more like­ly I am to be able to accom­mo­date your sched­ule. Thanks!


  1. Brandi says:

    I have a 10 year old girl and 9 year old boy. Both of which are inter­est­ed in tak­ing cook­ing and bak­ing class­es. They love help­ing cook when they can, but they would love more focus on things they can do.

  2. Kim Morris says:

    I’ve failed mis­er­ably at teach­ing my almost adult kids how to cook (or any­thing kitchen relat­ed). Cer­tain­ly they didn’t have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn by exam­ple, because I’m still try­ing to make myself “start cook­ing” at 51 years old! I’d love to see a basic “you’re on your own” cook­ing class for college/young adult ages. Maybe a tips and tricks in the kitchen or basic meals for sur­vival class…

    • Emily says:

      Ha! You are crack­ing me up! I would love to do a class like that. I book spe­cif­ic class­es pri­vate­ly because it’s usu­al­ly pre­ferred for a few friends to sign up togeth­er. I’d be hap­py to offer that type of class if you have a group of young adults who are inter­est­ed!

    • Emily says:

      I am hap­py to have a 4 1/2 year old in my class! I have expe­ri­ence teach­ing all ages of kid­dos (my daugh­ter was crack­ing all of my eggs by the time she was 1!).

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