Creamy ((KETO)) Chicken with Blistered Tomatoes & Bacon

Creamy ((KETO)) Chicken with Blistered Tomatoes & Bacon

Hubby & I have gone low-carb for the Summer. We’re actually doing KETO. I’ve heard lot’s of pluses for KETO but was pretty much scared at the thought. However, we’re about a month in and I feel like I’ve gotten into a groove. I am certainly no expert and am learning every day – but I have graduated from eating a plate of individual ingredients ((like an egg, avocado and bacon for breakfast lunch and dinner)) to a few simple, tasty KETO-friendly meals.

Honestly, low-carb has always been the best eating plan for me. I feel less tired and am less bothered by random bouts with bloat when I’ve eliminated refined carbs and sugars. (for the record – I will ALWAYS miss Wedding Cake Sheet Cake and Tillamook ice cream, no length of low-caring will change that! I look forward to some cheats in the coming months!)

One of my favorite quick KETO-friendly meals is creamy chicken. I love this not only because it tastes good but it also can be enjoyed by our whole family. The kids LOVE it over rice!

For this recipe (which serves 6), you’ll need:

  • cream
  • lemon juice 
  • parmesan cheese
  • rotisserie chicken
  • red bell pepper
  • sweet cherry tomatoes 
  • chives
  • cooked bacon

In a large skillet, over medium flame, combine cream, lemon juice and parmesan cheese. Stir as the sauce comes to a low simmer and thickens. If the sauce gets too thick, thin to desired consistency by adding water. Add chicken, peppers and tomatoes. Allow the mixture to simmer, covered for 10 minutes {It’s during this time that the tomato skins blister and split, sending their juices into the sauce}. Top with chives & crisp bacon and serve.

This makes 6 1 c servings.

This creamy chicken is so full of flavor thanks to the cream!! ((And everything else)). I love the burst of acid that comes from biting into a blistered tomato. The crispy bacon is the icing on the cake (the imaginary cake that is…)

Hope this Keto-friendly meal is helpful in your low-carb journey.