Welcome to my little shop featuring my seasonal jellies, jams, sauces and mixes. To order, simply comment or email me directly :: emily@foodforayear.com

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  • Heirloom Pepper Jelly : made from my homegrown (started from seed) selection of heirloom peppers. Depending upon my mood and the fruit I have on hand, you may find small batch heirloom pepper jelly that contains raspberries or peaches or sand plums! – $9
  • Pear Maple Jam : bits of ripe pear combined with pure maple sirup harvested from Funk’s Grove Illinois (my sister-in-law’s family farm) – $10
  • Winterberry Jam : a glorious combination of raspberries, cranberries and dark sweet cherries with a splash of fresh squeezed orange juice and a cinnamon stick for good measure – $10
  • Cranberry Orange Pomegranate Jam : cranberry sauce is usually an obligatory side dish, but this artisanal jam will have you placing it front and center on warm buttered rolls, mixed in with your oatmeal or yogurt or right on top of the turkey for a yummy treat! – $9
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit Marmalade : well, if there ever was a time to try a marmalade — this would be the time. Made using a 48-hour artisanal technique, this marmalade utilizes the entire juicy ruby red grapefruit. Zest, juice, meat, pith and all! Yes, there is a subtle bitterness (which is expected when it comes to a grapefruit) but there’s a wonderful, fresh sweetness to perfectly balance that traditional sour/bitter flavor. And just because, I added organic cinnamon stick. It’s a flavor explosion! – $9
  • Berry Cobbler Jam : what was once considered a seasonal flavor has now become available year ’round at the urgings of customers all across Norman, Okla. This beautiful, deep purple jam has hints of nutmeg + cinnamon stick. It contains a beautiful mix of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries — in the winter you may find a few cranberries in this jam too! – $9
  • Summer Strawberry with Moscato – it’s everything you want in a homemade strawberry jam and then some. Fresh strawberries, a hint of lemon and a splash of sweet Moscato — summer on a spoon. $9
Salted Caramel – Made using classic French caramel making techniques and perfected over 5 years, this caramel is (not to brag) knee-buckling good. The perfect amount of sea salt and pure vanilla make this salted caramel something special. Serving suggestions :: ice cream, apple pie, yogurt, coffee, brownies, chocolate cake, apple slices — or my favorite spooned straight out of the jar – YUM. $9
(available by request December – January) Food for a Year’s BEST Hot Fudge Sauce – high quality ingredients and no added stabilizers, colors or waxes make this fudge sauce the very BEST. What else would you expect from the great, great, great niece of Mrs. “See’s Candy” herself?! – $9

Cinnamon Roll Cake Mix – makes a 9″x13″ Rather than describing it, let this recent review from a customer speak for the wonders of this cake:

I have baked lots of cakes in my lifetime because I’m a baker at heart! I must say your cinnamon roll cake is by far the most delicious cake I’ve ever baked! So moist and so delicious! Im trying so hard to resist sweets but I caved a bit when it came to your cake! I started with a bite sized piece. Well, 5-6+ bites later…I promised myself I would stop! So I did the rest of the cake up to send home with family. The old me would have taken that cake and sliced it piece by piece in the pan.. evening up the row. Eventually I would have eaten the entire pan of cake! I wish I could have done that with this amazing cake. Instead by giving it away..I scraped up the left over crumbs and devoured them! Next time I have a pot- luck I’m buying this cake to take! (That way I can share and still have a tiny reward for me!!) Thank you so much for making my Christmas extra special!

Sonia H. – Norman, OKla.

(I recommend using an earthenware – or – stoneware – or – glass baker.) – $14

Coca-Cola Cake Mix – 9″x13″ Moist chocolate cake with a perfect whisper of Coca-Cola, topped with a chocolate fudge stove-top buttercream. One of my all-time best-sellers! – $14

Creamy French Hot Chocolate – a decadent drinking chocolate. Made with a blend of chopped milk and dark pure Belgian chocolate. Rich and creamy and sure to satisfy your chocolate craving. Makes 32 oz. (gluten-free)

Original – $10

Apple Cider Mix – makes 1 gallon. Simple to make but so very flavorful! This mix is made of high-quality, organic whole spices, dried tangerine and candied ginger. (added bonus :: the glorious aroma that fills your home while this cider simmers on the stove). Contains no added sugar – $5.50

Food for a Year’s famous Taco Dip ( in a mix!) Contains NO preservatives, colors, fillers or stabilizers. This mix is made from spices and herbs harvested in New Mexico. The well-loved, rich, spicy, deep flavors of the southwest in a simple (addictive) dip – makes 16 oz. – $5.50
Mega Herby Dip – a blend of organic dried herbs with a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes and just the right amount of sea salt makes this yummy dip a real crowd pleaser! ($5.50)
Everything Dip – your favorite bagel turned into a dip! This dip has the perfect punch of garlic and onion combined with the subtle earthiness of toasted sesame seeds and poppyseeds (and a few other secret ingredients!). It’s addictively delicious! ($5.50)
Taco Seasoning (Medium) – the medium version of FFAY’s original Taco Dip is a bit hotter than the OG version with an added smokiness thanks to the chipotle chili powder. ($5.50)
Taco Seasoning (Mild) – FFAY’s original Taco Dip – this is what got it all started, spices are purchased directly from New Mexico and Arizona and WOW getting them from the source makes all the difference in the YUM-Factor. ($5.50)

Food for a Year’s BEST Chili Mix : like all my other mixes and products, NO added colors, preservatives, fillers, stabilizers etc. Hatch chili powder, Mexican oregano and additional high quality spices are sure to yield the very BEST chili! This chili is ‘mild’. For a hotter chili, add crushed red chili pepper flakes. Serves 4-6 – $9

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