Cheesecake Stuffed Banana Bread

Can you relate to my banana dilem­ma? Seems like I so much as bring them home that they start get­ting speck­led. With­in hours of spot­ting the first speck­le the kids con­sid­er them over­ripe and they won’t touch them “with a 10-foot pole” (as my mom says). We all know where over­ripe bananas go — to banana heav­en aka banana bread.  Con­tin­ue read­ing

Sweet Dark Cherry ((+ Almond)) Yogurt Smoothie

This lit­tle smooth­ie has recent­ly become my favorite quick break­fast — it’s pret­ty much the best smooth­ie I’ve ever had! And because I can con­trol the amount of added sug­ar, I feel like this smooth­ie is actu­al­ly a healthy choice!

It has a short list of ingre­di­ents, is packed with fla­vor and real­ly is a breeze make. But as you can imag­ine, Con­tin­ue read­ing

Fresh Blackberry Syrup and Simple French Toast

Black­ber­ries are one of my favorite sum­mer fruits and fresh­ly picked Pacif­ic North­west black­ber­ries are about the very best a that black­ber­ry could ever hope to be. To me, a bowl of sweet black­ber­ries with a sprin­kle of sug­ar is about as good as it gets. So, turn­ing some per­fect Pacif­ic North­west black­ber­ries into a sim­ple syrup seems like a good thing to do. Then pour­ing that syrup over some home­made French toast seems like an even bet­ter thing to do. Con­tin­ue read­ing

Smoked Salmon Scramble — a Berkeley favorite!

Sev­er­al years ago, David and I stum­bled upon, what has since become one of my all-time favorite restau­rants :: Lama Beans Cafe in Berke­ley, CA. We picked this spot because online reviews raved about this lit­tle local gem — high qual­i­ty, deli­cious local food that’s rea­son­ably priced — right up my alley!
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S’mores Scones

I will admit, chop­ping choco­late bars, quar­ter­ing jum­bo marsh­mal­lows and crush­ing gra­ham crack­ers are not on the list of break­fast-mak­ing activ­i­ties I ever imag­ined I would be check­ing off at 8 o’clock in the morn­ing. But, with that first sticky, gooey, choco­latey bite — s’mores for break­fast sud­den­ly made sense. BIG TIME. Con­tin­ue read­ing

Orcas Island Wild Plum Streusel

Thanks to a wild ((or at the very least aged, unfet­tered & pro­lif­ic)) plum tree and the kind-heart­ed gen­eros­i­ty of my friend, Orcas Island pot­ter, Mr. Weath­er­man, I have the plea­sure of shar­ing this sim­ple sour plum streusel. I went to vis­it Mr. Weath­er­man and his Olga Pot­tery shop dur­ing our sec­ond day on the island. His place is always a favorite stop of mine because of his beau­ti­ful pot­tery, his friend­ly con­ver­sa­tion and his gra­cious accom­mo­da­tion of my “bub­bly” herd. Con­tin­ue read­ing

Easy 5-Ingredient Heirloom Tomato & White Cheddar Farmhouse Pie

There is noth­ing quite as tasty as a per­fect­ly ripe gar­den toma­to. I am tick­led to say my gar­den is cur­rent­ly pop­ping out some of the tasti­est, acidic, slight­ly sweet toma­toes I have ever tast­ed. They are per­fect with a pinch of salt and a dash of black pep­per, but with the boun­ty that I am har­vest­ing, I decid­ed to expand my toma­to recipes a bit. This 5-ingre­di­ent recipe is almost as easy as slice, sea­son and eat!

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