In 2010, I par­tic­i­pat­ed in the 44th Pills­bury Bake-Off and that con­firmed my pas­sion and spring-board­ed me into a deep love of cre­at­ing and test­ing my very own food ideas.

I have been blessed with a full house of hun­gry humans! With three boys and a girl (and a food-lov­ing hus­band), I have ample oppor­tu­ni­ty to cook lots of fam­i­ly favorites — and prob­a­bly even more recipes that are sure to make at least one mem­ber of my herd cry ((ha!)). Oh, sure­ly you know what I mean??!? One too many flecks of green, not deep-fried and in the shape of  a fin­ger, white cheese instead of orange…I could go on.

I have found, if they can get past the fear of green, the lack of bread­ing and maybe even a cou­ple of “new” col­ors — their list of favorites grows.

Why “Food for a Year”? As I have looked back over my lit­tle col­lec­tion of food­ie pic­tures, I have real­ized what I pre­pare is direct­ly con­nect­ed to what our fam­i­ly is expe­ri­enc­ing. Not just sea­sons (which bring plen­ty of great vari­ety) but also the ages of my kids, the num­ber of kids I have, time of day peo­ple are eat­ing, spe­cial fam­i­ly days, hol­i­days & trav­el.

Then there are “THE” recipes. The food that defined my child­hood, those recipes shut­tle me to: Christ­mas in the 80’s, East­er in my mom’s kitchen, Sun­day church potlucks, star­ing at my once pre-teen broth­er as he shoves his favorite meal down his throat…and oh so many more from a dif­fer­ent life. Those recipes of the heart, that take me back to some of the sweet­est moments in my life, they once seemed like they would last for­ev­er and now — they seem so far away until that first bite cross­es my lips and for a moment, I am right back in what will always feel like home to me.

My hope is that Food for a Year offers you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to pro­vide your loved ones with some healthy foods, new favorites and an appre­ci­a­tion for recipes of the heart. I will include many recipes and sto­ries, not just mine but yours as well. Is it your meat­loaf, grandma’s sug­ar cook­ies, your neighbor’s chick­en sal­ad, mom’s enchi­ladas, dad’s scram­bled eggs or your great aunt’s apple sal­ad? What recipe makes you or yours famous–everyone asks for, talks about & smiles at the first bite?  This is a place of the heart, where tasty nutri­tion will relieve your “mom­ma guilt”, new recipes will fresh­en up your fam­i­ly menu and com­fort­ing nos­tal­gia will hon­or our past. And just maybe some of these recipes will find their way into your loved one’s hearts. Isn’t that what a year of food looks like? 



  1. Jo Waters says:

    Hi Emi­ly, love your con­ver­sa­tion­al approach- invit­ing, warm and friend­ly. Can’t wait to enjoy some of these recipe’s in my own kitchen. Don’t cook much any­more but that may change! Pray that you will be great­ly reward­ed as many of your fol­low­ers eat yum­my and healthy food. Jo

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