The Beginning –

In 2010, I participated in the 44th Pillsbury Bake-Off and that confirmed my passion and spring-boarded me into a deep love of creating and testing my very own food ideas.

My Family –

I have been blessed with a full house of hungry humans! With three boys and a girl (and a food-loving husband), I have ample opportunity to cook lots of family favorites — and probably even more recipes that are sure to make at least one member of my herd cry ((ha!)). Oh, surely you know what I mean??!? One too many flecks of green, not deep-fried and in the shape of  a finger, white cheese instead of orange…I could go on.

I have found, if they can get past the fear of green, the lack of breading and maybe even a couple of “new” colors — their list of favorites grows.

What is FFAY?

Why “Food for a Year”? As I’ve looked back over my little collection of foodie pictures, I’ve realized what I prepare is directly connected to what our family is experiencing. Not just seasons (which bring plenty of great variety) but also the ages of my kids, the number of kids I have, time of day people are eating, special family days, holidays & travel.

Then there are “THE” recipes. The food that defined my childhood, those recipes shuttle me to: Christmas in the 80’s, Easter in my mom’s kitchen, Sunday church potlucks, staring at my once pre-teen brother as he shoves his favorite meal down his throat…and oh so many more from a different life. Those recipes of the heart, that take me back to some of the sweetest moments in my life, they once seemed like they would last forever and now — they seem so far away until that first bite crosses my lips and for a moment, I am right back in what will always feel like home to me.

My hope is that Food for a Year offers you the opportunity to provide your loved ones with some healthy foods, new favorites and an appreciation for recipes of the heart.

emily – FFAY

I will include many recipes and stories, not just mine but yours as well. Is it your meatloaf, grandma’s sugar cookies, your neighbor’s chicken salad, mom’s enchiladas, dad’s scrambled eggs or your great aunt’s apple salad?

What recipe makes you or yours famous–everyone asks for, talks about & smiles at the first bite?  This is a place of the heart, where tasty nutrition will relieve your “momma guilt”, new recipes will freshen up your family menu and comforting nostalgia will honor our past. And just maybe some of these recipes will find their way into your loved one’s hearts. Isn’t that what a year of food looks like? 

Want to work with FFAY?

I have 10+ years experience working for companies via

  • cooking demonstrations
  • instagram takeovers
  • guest blogging
  • instruction
  • recipe development
  • food/equipment review
  • collaborations
  • recipe creation

To discuss opportunities and receive pricing, email

Loveworks Leadership recently gave me a special opportunity to talk with them about my dreams and plans and even to think back to my Pillsbury Bake-Off competition and middle school days! I had such a great time with them – if you want to check out the interview, just follow the link.

Want to collaborate? I’d love to discuss details, send you my bio and a media kit. I’ve got a great “in” as a nano-influencer.

Want to check out some of my work? Check out this partnership or this partnership.

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