Ever wonder how a family of 6, living in the “Big City” could become bunny farmers? My hub wonders that very thing ((often)), but after 8 years of loving and owning bunnies, he has finally accepted the truth :: we ARE a bunny farm. Welcome to Boomer Backyard Bunny Farm!

On this “Bunny Farm” page, you will find ::

  • our bunny raising successes
  • hutch design ideas
  • updates on our growing Bunny Farm family
  • pictures of current bunnies for sale
  • heart stories ((some happy & some sad))
  • tips for how to care for your bunnies

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Here are the links to our entire Bunny Farm Story, check the Bunny Farm Page often for updates & new furry additions!


Baby Christmas Bunnies — SOLD OUT


3½ Weekers! These Baby Bunnies are SO CUTE! ((and gender reveals))




Bunny Update – 3 Weeks old! :: “When your baby is hungry, you feed him.”


How about a glimpse at the 4 day old bunnies?!

Bunnies, Bunnies – Oh how we love our Bunnies!

A Bunny Status Report

Bad News & THE Recipe

Boys and Girls and Bunnies

Meet the bunnies!

Bunnies, Severe Weather & My Garden

We have OPEN eyes!! Oh, the bunny love is bursting over here!

We have a special BiRTH announcement! ((and I am not referring to the royal birth))

I have a weakness for babies…



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