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Shock and Awe, people!

There is an unwrit­ten list of foods we par­ents have — PLEASE tell me I am not the only one… You know, a list of the untouch­ables. The “Untouch­able Veg­eta­bles”. “Those” veg­gies that I wouldn’t even dare to put on my kid­dos plates, the ones that illic­it the gag and cot­ton mouth. At the very top of my list is ASAPARAGUS. Now, I per­son­al­ly like aspara­gus or else I would NEVER buy it. (hah)

But, I have a dream, it’s a lit­tle dream — but a dream. A dream that I can make one meal and we all eat in peace, young and old, boy and girl, mom and dad. That the col­or of food isn’t what mat­ters, but that each col­or and shape is giv­en equal oppor­tu­ni­ty to be eat­en and … even enjoyed. That the din­ner table can be a place where tears and dis­con­tent do not show their ugly faces. Rather, din­ner is filled with laugh­ter and joy and even peace. 

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Brownie NomNoms

this recipe belongs to food for a year. no reproductions are permitted without explicit permission from the owner of this recipe.

this recipe belongs to food for a year. no repro­duc­tions are per­mit­ted with­out explic­it per­mis­sion from the own­er of this recipe.

This recipe has been a breath of fresh air into a much need­ed morn­ing rou­tine. I don’t know, I may be the only one who strug­gles to force-feed offer my chil­dren healthy food in the morn­ings. I have blend­ed, I have toast­ed, I have mixed, stirred—and waved the white flag of sur­ren­der. They ((my herd of 4)) have eat­en pop strudels, fruity sug­ar O’s, choco­late coat­ed sucrose bombs — hap­pi­ly. Yeah, they were hap­py & I felt guilty. Con­tin­ue read­ing

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