Tip of the Week!

Tip of the Week!

There must be 1,000,000’s of recipes that put rotisserie chickens to good use, but have you ever used the chicken bones??


Next time you pick up a rotisserie chicken for dinner, don’t throw away the bones. Instead, save them for stock. Either throw them in a pot with bits of veggies and herbs OR stick them in a freezer bag & freeze for a later date.

There are a few different ways to make stock. I prefer putting the bones, water and some herbs (like thyme and parsley) & the ends of carrots and celery in a pot and letting it simmer on the stove for a few hours.


Allow the stock to cool to room temperature and use for a recipe. If you don’t need the stock right away, pour it in freezer containers or another freezer bag & freeze until you need it.

**((If using freezer bags, lay the bags out flat to freeze, they freeze and store much easier))

Won’t be home long enough to let it simmer on the stove?? No problem! Put everything in a slow-cooker, set it on low and forget about it!


What if you need it NOW – and can’t wait 2-3 hours??? Pull out that handy pressure cooker and fools the same steps — but set the pressure cooker to High, natural pressure release & cook for 45 minutes!


Why make your own stock anyway??


  • YOU can control the seasoning
  • YOU can control the sodium
  • YOU can ensure it’s as fresh as possible
  • YOU can be sure nothing weird (MSG or chicken guts and toenails) was added
  • It’s basically free
  • It can’t help but make your food taste better
  • Finally, a way to use the ends of celery, onion and carrots!
  • You can pretend your Julia Child ((doesn’t everyone want to be Julia in the kitchen??))