Kitchen Sink Stew ((A Food for a Year recipe for Sinkology!))

Kitchen Sink Stew ((A Food for a Year recipe for Sinkology!))

I am happy to share another simple, satisfying, beautifully rustic recipe I have written for Sinkology. The complete recipe can be seen over on the Sinkology Blog!

One of my favorite ways to get a yummy, stress-free meal on the table with minimal tears & gags is to make a “no-peek” stew. I have several “no-peek” recipes, over on my FFAY blog, using a variety of proteins & spice combinations. I really can’t pick a personal favorite but the kids clearly love my “no-peek” Davy Crockett beef stew the best. 

((CHECK out all my “no-peek” variations HERE))


Are you wondering what a no-peek stew is? Well, it is one of the most simple cooking methods around. All you need is a large (7-10 qt, depending on the size of your herd) dutch oven, a list of ingredients & an oven. Place the ingredients into the pot, cover & bake for 5-6 hours @ 250°. Aside for the temptation to peek just to see what is happening ((which is a no-no)) – there is no need to oversee the pot & it’s contents — it takes care of itself! When cooking time is complete, you have a pot full of tender veggies & chunks of beef ((or chicken, pork etc.)) and the most delicious, slightly thickened, flavorful broth.

With all that yumminess for so little effort, it’s no surprise why I love “no-peek’s” so very much!

For this new Sinkology recipe, I used a little of everything. Just look at this colorful bounty!

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  • rainbow carrots
  • purple sweet potatoes
  • baby golden butter potatoes
  • bright, fresh green beans and
  • red, juicy tomatoes, just to name a few!

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Speaking of flavors ((secret ingredient alert!!)), I bet you will never guess what secret ingredient goes into this stew! Use my trick and you will have a hearty, richly flavored stew – with just the added effort of popping a top ((oops, I almost gave it away!)).


For the complete recipe & my secret ingredient head over to the Sinkology blog and to check out some beautifully crafted copper sinks ((like the one pictured above)) while you are there!