Baby Christmas Bunnies — SOLD OUT

Baby Christmas Bunnies — SOLD OUT

If you have been following me on FB and Insta, then you have been able to keep up with the sweetness of our last 2 litters of bunnies. So sorry to say 

I haven’t been keeping up with posting about the bunnies on FFAY. These litters were so cute and healthy. We had 8 bunnies in total, 7 boys and 1 girl!

It was sad to see these cuties go – I became especially attached to the holland lops. Black Otter holland lops are my most favorite – they are just so pretty. This time we had 2 black otters! I wanted to keep them so badly!

We also got another cream and another chestnut — those chestnuts are just like a Velveteen rabbit!

The lion lops were extremely cute as well. We “married” Ruby Grace and Frank and they made the cuties little lion lops I have ever seen. These lion lops are 75% Lionhead, 25% holland lop.

We got two of the cutest white-nosed blacks and 2 harlequins. I haven’t seen a more uniquely cute bunny.

All of these cuties have been adopted, but don’t you worry … more baby bunnies will be headed to our backyard bunny farm (Boomer Backyard Bunny Farm) in the spring so stay tuned.