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A Bunny Status Report

I haven’t been talking about our bunnies lately and it isn’t for a lack of things to say!! We have been busily getting them set up in a new, more secure spot! We started work on rebuilding & securing their area way back in the summer. As the days shortened and the temperatures became cooler, we had to really pick up the pace. While work was underway, the bunnies stayed in my climate-controlled potting shed – and I knew if we didn’t hustle, they wouldn’t get their winter coats.  Continue reading

Bad News & THE Recipe

I have some very sad news to share. If you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook, then you already know of the sadness our little family has experienced this week. If you are like my mom, Instagram and Facebook are things you avoid like the plague and so this will probably come as a very disturbing shock – for that I am sorry. Continue reading

Meet the bunnies!

After 7 weeks of loving Lula & Bubba’s babies, they have finally grown up enough to be able to tell them apart. As I announced in an earlier post, we figured out a few weeks ago that we had three boys and one girl. Since we are now able to distinguish the black ones from each other, I asked David to tell me which black one is a girl. After “examining” all the bunnies — in a manner which I imagine they didn’t appreciate — David announced  Continue reading

We have OPEN eyes!! Oh, the bunny love is bursting over here!

Just when I thought I was maxed out on bunny cuteness, one the bunnies opened “his” eyes on day 11. Now, I don’t really know if the baby is a he or a she. You may be surprised to know, I am no expert on such things. So, I will have to ((once again)) check “the Google”.  I don’t exactly know what to think about having this sentence in my search history:  Continue reading

Bunnies, Severe Weather & My Garden

I do have a few recipes to share. But tonight, I am bursting to tell you about my Lion Lop bunnies and if I tell you about my Lion Lops, I have to tell you about the severe weather that has consumed half of their little precious lives AND if I tell you about the recent severe weather, I have to tell you about my garden. So — I will share a yummy, superbly perfect chocolate buttercream recipe tomorrowish. Continue reading

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