Fall 2017 Cooking Class Schedule!

I am excit­ed to share my Fall cook­ing class sched­ule! I have post­ed sev­er­al hol­i­day themed treats that are new tom cook­ing class cal­en­dar, it should be quite fun!!

Let me answer a few fre­quent ques­tions::

  • What ages are rec­om­mend­ed for your class­es?

These class­es are designed for chil­dren & teens ages 5 and up.

  • How do you receive pay­ment?

I pre­fer Ven­mo ((it’s an app — look it up! You’ll love it too!)), but will also accept Pay­Pal and check. Of course, cash is always awe­some!

  • Do you accept EPIC funds?

Yes! I am an EPIC ven­dor so if your child is an EPIC stu­dent, this is a great way to use your EPIC funds.

  • How can I reserve a spot for my kid­do?

To reserve a space, sim­ply email me at emily@foodforayear.com and I’ll get in touch with pay­ment details etc.

  • Where are you locat­ed?

I teach class­es out of my home kitchen that I specif­i­cal­ly designed with cook­ing class­es in mind. I am close to the OKC metro but if you want specifics, send me a mes­sage and I’ll fill you in.

  • Do par­ents stay for the class­es or can we leave?

Typ­i­cal­ly par­ents do not stay for the class­es. How­ev­er, there have been times they want­ed to and it worked out great. So it’s up to you, please let me know if that’s your plan.

  • What time should I drop-off and pick-up?

I try to sched­ule the tim­ing of each class so that we can accom­plish all of our cook­ing tasks on time. Because of that, I ask that you drop your child off no more that 5 min­utes ear­ly and please pick up no lat­er than 5 min­utes after class is over. We will be work­ing right up until the last minute, so please do not pick up ear­ly. If you must pick up ear­ly, please let me know in advance. I’ll make every effort to get your child’s food ready ear­ly but be aware that may not always be pos­si­ble. There are occa­sions where some­thing goes awry and we’ve end­ed up need­ing 15 extra min­utes. I’ll text you to let you know if this should hap­pen.

  • How many kid­dos are in your class­es?

My class­es are most­ly lim­it­ed to 6–8 kid­dos depend­ing on the class.

I look for­ward to spend­ing the Fall with your kid­dos — it real­ly is such fun! Please com­ment or email with any addi­tion­al ques­tions or to reserve your space.

**Please note, due to the nature of my cook­ing class­es and the lim­it­ed space, if you are unable to attend a class that you’ve signed up for, I am only able to refund 50% of entire cost of the class.

In true show & tell form: "I am open for questions & comments"

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