((SOLD)) For Sale ((by Emily)) :: 10 pc. Set of Vintage Portmeirion Botanic Garden dishes (estimated 1970’s). Priced to sell!

This is a sweet set of vintage Portmeirion “Botanic Garden” dishes! There are two types of marks on these dishes. One 10½” plate has the second oldest mark, a serving platter has an oval mark & the remaining have a mark found on plates dated between the 70’s & early 90’s ((both types noted in below photos)). Let me get straight to itemizing what I have available:

2-10½” dinner plates:

  • Christmas Rose
  • Venus Fly Trap (earliest mark)


Clearly, there is some fading on these plates.


Above is a photo of the mark found on the back of the Venus Fly Trap dinner plate.

5 – 8½” x 1½” rimmed soup bowl. 2 bowls have visible crazing.

  • Trailing Bindweed
  • Barbados Cotton Flower
  • Snow Drop Crocus
  • Meadow Saffron
  • Daisy


The mark on the reverse of these dishes ((and everything but the Venus Fly Trap plate and the serving platter)) is as follows:


1 – 8½” salad plate; Treasure Flower.


1 – 7½” dessert plate; Daisy.


1 – 13″ x 9¼” stoneware platter/steal platter; Treasure Flower.


This perfect platter has the following mark:


I am including ((free of charge to be included if this set is purchased in it’s entirety)) two damaged pieces: a Forget-me-not cereal bowl & a Purple Rock Rose salad plate.

I realize pricing is kind of all over the place, some pieces are listed for $40-$75 each. I am interested in moving this onto an interested buyer and am pricing to sell!

Complete set :: $125 ((SOLD))

If you are interested in individual pieces; I am happy to break to set apart. The individual pricing is as follows:

  • dinner plates $18 each (($36 for 2))
  • soup bowls $12 each (($60 for 5))
  • platter $35
  • salad plate $11
  • dessert plate $10

To purchase, either email: foodforayear@yahoo.com or leave a comment in the comments section below and I will send you instructions.

In true show & tell form: "I am open for questions & comments"

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