For Sale ((by Emily)) :: 1950’s Nobility Permaware Platter, 13¼” ; $18

This Nobility Permaware Platter, in the “Mist” color scheme, is a real throwback to the 50’s. Simple, useful & pretty – yep, that screams 1951 to me, how about you?

This platter has no chips or cracks, however there is some crazing and some stained crazing on the back.


Who looks at the bottom anyway? Right?


Well, I do — unless the platter is full of buttercream-topped brownies. In that case, I will eat the brownies first, then look on the underside, hah.


Wondering what else is for sale in the above photo? Well, that cute milk glass bowl is headed to the shop soon – here is a close-up for you: ((it will be listed at $23))


Nobility Permaware Platter :: $18

To purchase, either email: or leave a comment in the comments section below and I will send you instructions.

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