For Sale ((by Emily)) :: Set of 2 Vintage Tear-Drop Pyrex Mixing Bowls, $29

This set is one of my most favorites and actu­al­ly the sec­ond time I have stum­bled upon these lovelies. The first set — I kept! And this set is for you!


The large bowl is an 8-cup capac­i­ty and the small­er is a handy 3-cup size.


It may be hard to notice, but both of these bowls are “well-etched” on the inte­ri­or bot­tom. Mean­ing they are well-loved and used often. I think there is plen­ty of love to go around, though.


These sweet bowls don’t show up every day & once you get ahold of them, yo will under­stand why.


To pur­chase, either email: or leave a com­ment in the com­ments sec­tion below and I will send you instruc­tions.

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