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Welcome to my little store! In addition to a love for food and yummy recipes, I love finding vintage kitchen and home decor items. After a few years of accumulating some amazing treasures, I am beginning to wonder if I am shifting from a collector to a hoarder. Desperate not to be classified as a hoarder, I have decided to open my own little shop. Yao view all Shop listings, CLICK HERE.


I am joined in this venture by my 2 oldest boys, Kade & Brody. Over the last year, they have become just as interested in the hunt for treasures as I am. Often joining me on estate sale & garage sale excursions, they have accumulated a nice stockpile of collectibles. All of their purchases have been made using money they have earned. Estate sale workers have come to know my boys by name and grown to respect the way they handle themselves in the estate sale world.

Meet Kade:


He is twelve years old and in the seventh grade. Kade is a quiet thinker ((except when a brother has pestered the fire out of him…)). His purchases are well studied. Kade says “no” to many things before finding “the one”. Over the last few years, he has come to understand money is much easier spent than earned. Because of this, you can be sure any items he lists in the shop have passed his inspection and are certain to be a quality find.

Kade has an interest in vintage fishing equipment, collectible mini-figurines, foreign currency and pocket knives.

Meet Brody:


He is eleven years old and in the sixth grade. I am not sure he could ever meet a stranger – always seeming to have something to talk about with everyone he meets. For instance, earlier in the year, we had a garage sale. The boys sold rainbow loom bracelets and charms and Gracie sold cookies and lemonade. Early in the morning of our second day into the sale, an older man ((gruff looking)), walking with a cane came up to our garage. He was, very short on words and left me with the impression he was a bit grumpy by nature. Regardless, he was interested in the truck we were selling, which meant I needed to run inside to grab the keys.

At that moment, Brody walked up to the man, looked up at his hat and asked: “So, you were in the Navy?”. The man answered with a short grunt, and I was immediately nervous. I tried to motion for Brody to come with me to get the keys, but as I heard my boy say “I really like your cane, is that a snake head?”, I knew he was on his way to winning over this tough customer.

Brody has an interest in vintage, well-made home office supplies such as pencil sharpeners and pen sets from the 1950’s & 60’s, US currency and vintage fishing lures.

We will be regularly adding new items to the shop, all you have to do to make them your own is to leave a comment with the name of the item you want to buy. 


In true show & tell form: "I am open for questions & comments"

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