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BEST NYC Sweets, 6 Bakeries in 4 Days

While vis­it­ing NYC (for the first time ever) last week, I checked out a list of bak­eries. In all, hub­by & I vis­it­ed 6 bak­eries and tast­ed 15 cook­ies, 3 mac­a­roons, 2 scones, one muf­fin, 7 cup­cakes, 1 slab cake and a bowl of banana pud­ding. Now that’s a list of sweets!! (It was only there 3½ days peo­ple — isn’t that crim­i­nal?!) Con­tin­ue read­ing

We came, we saw, we ate”: The Napa Valley Bakery Tour ((N. Cali trip part 3))

It all start­ed with an idea, but end­ed up being one of the most fun things I have ever done. You are prob­a­bly think­ing “Napa Val­ley is for wine tours, not bak­ery tours!?” Well, I must admit, I am not a wine drinker. I love to cook with excel­lent wines — but I have not learned to appre­ci­ate the intri­ca­cies of wine. I do, how­ev­er, love cake, pas­tries, cook­ies, muffins, cup­cakes, dough­nuts, pies and mac­a­roons. So here in the heart of wine coun­try, I toured bak­eries. I picked 5 bak­eries in the Napa Val­ley area and ate at four of them in under three hours. I was a dif­fi­cult task — but I man­aged to pull it off! From this, I can con­fi­dent­ly say — “I have tast­ed some the most deli­cious treats I may ever find for..the..rest..of..my..life!”  Con­tin­ue read­ing

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