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Pumpkin Pie Crunch Cake — THE Dessert you have been looking for! (Part 1 of the “Busy Mom Approved” recipe series)


Okay friends, I am going to blast a few recipes out over the next week. There will be very little commentary – not because they are not commentary worthy, but because this momma is full-up with life. These are TOO GOOD to them let slip away into my vault of recipes that never make there way to the light of the blog!

You know these recipes must good, or else there is NO way I would stop and share. Maybe they will help bring a little “slow-down” to your days – so ready or not, here they come! Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Cookies (aka NomNoms)

These last few weeks have been all about the glorious pumpkin! The weather in Oklahoma has been teasing of Fall for weeks now – but inside my kitchen, Fall is in full swing. I have made the most yummy pumpkin enchiladas and streusel filled pumpkin spice muffins ((along with several other yummies not yet shared on the blog)). For today, I am SO excited to share this yummy twist on a breakfast cookie – or as I call them a “NomNom”.

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