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Simple Mexi-Bowls & the Most Delicious Recipe for Mexi-Style Shredded Beef

A sign reading: “Necessity is the mother of invention” should be hung in my kitchen for sure — it totally describes my cooking life. It goes a little something like this: “What?!? it is 2:30 already?!? … Oh gosh. What am I going to make for dinner … that doesn’t make everyone cry or throw up??!” ((thinking, thinking)) “What is in the pantry?? ((there is some stuff)) What is in the fridge?? ((some essentials for sure)) I think I will have to hit the freezer ((dread — there is hardly enough time to thaw and cook those frozen bricks of beef))…” Continue reading

Ranch & 3-Cheese Creamy Rice –“Faux-sotto”

This simple side-dish is a perfect addition to any meal. Rich, velvety & flavorful, it really tastes like it should be much harder to make than it is. It tastes so much like a creamy slow-cooked risotto — I can’t help but call it “Faux-sotto”. No need to hover over a hot pan stirring your life away! Just cover the rice – let it steam to perfection & add a short list of simple & delicious ingredients…your family will never know what hit them! Continue reading

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