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Mom’s Perfect Pot Roast

When I think of pot roast, I have two mem­o­ries:

First, as a kid, I kind of dread­ed “pot roast” Sun­day because some­times (not always) the pot roast was so tough and dry. It was those tough & dry occa­sions that made me dis­like roast alto­geth­er. 

Sec­ond, it always seemed so com­pli­cat­ed. Pre-brown­ing, sea­son­ing, flour, peel­ing veg­gies, grease splat­ter on the stove­top and a loom­ing smell of roast in my hair as I sit in the pew at church.  Con­tin­ue read­ing

Spicy Cilantro & Garlic Shredded Beef ((so easy and tender))

Here you go — an easy, fla­vor­ful, crowd-pleas­ing din­ner solu­tion! This din­ner­time meal is a real life-saver, whether you turn it into tacos, serve it over steamed  rice or just shred it up and eat with a side sal­ad — it’s sure to become a reg­u­lar on your menu! And don’t for­get to plan on left­overs — this recipe will turn into at least 2 meals for your week. Con­tin­ue read­ing

Creamy Chicken Paprika


Let’s talk about a pantry sta­ple dream din­ner! This oven roast­ed chick­en & veg­gie din­ner is a cre­ation of ((what I con­sid­er to be)) pantry essen­tials. Now, I am aware that my idea of pantry essen­tials may not line-up with what you con­sid­er to be essen­tial to a stocked pantry. So let me go ahead and share the short-list of recipe neces­si­ties:

Con­tin­ue read­ing

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