I have a weakness for babies…

I have a weakness for babies…

especially furry babies.

Over the weekend our family of 9 ((including furry family members)) became a family of ELEVEN. 5 years or so ago, I learned that I  am incapable of resisting little furry things that have long ears, a cotton ball for a tail and hop to get from place to place.

Yes, 5 years ago this month we purchased our first bunny, a Lionhead named “Rocky”. I called her Bun-bun and since I was the only one who changed her pin liner and played with her, Bun-bun she will forever be in my mind. She died (sadly). Then, last year I went into a feed & seed store around Easter… innocently looking for shallot starts. I did not find any shallot starts, but I did find Flopsy and Mopsy. The cutest baby Mini-Rexes you have ever seen. I was incapable of leaving the store without them. I mean for crying out loud…they fit in the palm of my hand!! It was love at first sight.


Sadly, we had the bunnies for almost a year but during that time, we think some neighborhood kids let them out of their hutch. They stayed with us for a few months – but recently hopped away. So we decided to get two more: meet Bubba and Lula. 


That’s right, we have a Mr. & Mrs. —-  Bubba is a Lionhead and Lula and a Fuzzy Holland Lop. I think they will have the cutest babies ever!! You can just plan on hearing all about their little babies when that day comes!! And now we have some pets who can eat our fruit and veggie scraps.((YAY))


Oh, happy day! The day the bunnies came to stay….