I have a weakness for babies…

espe­cial­ly fur­ry babies.

Over the week­end our fam­i­ly of 9 ((includ­ing fur­ry fam­i­ly mem­bers)) became a fam­i­ly of ELEVEN. 5 years or so ago, I learned that I  am inca­pable of resist­ing lit­tle fur­ry things that have long ears, a cot­ton ball for a tail and hop to get from place to place.

Yes, 5 years ago this month we pur­chased our first bun­ny, a Lion­head named “Rocky”. I called her Bun-bun and since I was the only one who changed her pin lin­er and played with her, Bun-bun she will for­ev­er be in my mind. She died (sad­ly). Then, last year I went into a feed & seed store around East­er… inno­cent­ly look­ing for shal­lot starts. I did not find any shal­lot starts, but I did find Flop­sy and Mop­sy. The cutest baby Mini-Rex­es you have ever seen. I was inca­pable of leav­ing the store with­out them. I mean for cry­ing out loud…they fit in the palm of my hand!! It was love at first sight.


Sad­ly, we had the bun­nies for almost a year but dur­ing that time, we think some neigh­bor­hood kids let them out of their hutch. They stayed with us for a few months — but recent­ly hopped away. So we decid­ed to get two more: meet Bub­ba and Lula. 


That’s right, we have a Mr. & Mrs. —-  Bub­ba is a Lion­head and Lula and a Fuzzy Hol­land Lop. I think they will have the cutest babies ever!! You can just plan on hear­ing all about their lit­tle babies when that day comes!! And now we have some pets who can eat our fruit and veg­gie scraps.((YAY))


Oh, hap­py day! The day the bun­nies came to stay.…

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