Boys and Girls and Bunnies

Well, our sweet bun­nies are 5 weeks old and if you know any­thing about rais­ing bun­nies, then you know that means now is the per­fect time to find out if they are boy bun­nies or girl bun­nies.

So that is just what I made David do. First, he had to learn some par­tic­u­lars about the bun­ny anato­my by check­ing “the Google”. Then, he had to watch “the tube” ((you know — YouTube)). After he was prop­er­ly edu­cat­ed, we wait­ed for just the right time ((which was today)).


What do you think? Do you have any guess­es?? Well, I will tell you — I was sur­prised.


We know this is no sur­prise to Mom­ma Lula — she has been such a sweet and atten­tive girl.


aw they are 5 weeks –click here to watch them snug­gle togeth­er.

Here is what we have:

  • 3 Boys and
  • 1 girl


Just like a fam­i­ly I know! Isn’t that so cute??!! For those who are won­der­ing, the brown bun­ny is one of the boys. 

To watch the brown one, click here!


It is time to get them placed in their new homes ((sniff)). If you are inter­est­ed in own­ing one ((or two)) of these sweet­ies and are local, leave a com­ment here. 

One more bun­ny video just for fun!

In true show & tell form: "I am open for questions & comments"

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