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Oven Roasted Okra

Today I am shar­ing a quick and sim­ple twist on tra­di­tion­al fried okra. My mom’s fried okra hap­pens to be one of my most favorite things to eat in the entire world. Salty, crunchy and fried to a crisp — coat­ed in a light cornmeal/flour coat­ing. I am not sure “it” can get any bet­ter — “it” may get as good, but it won’t get bet­ter! (Not sure what “it” is, but that’s okay! Con­tin­ue read­ing

Simple Crispy Pesto Chicken & Potatoes

Sum­mer — whew. It’s a break for sure, but BOY are we busy! We enjoyed a nice trip to the lake last week and then squeezed in a dou­ble por­tion of busy when we got home. Doctor’s appoint­ments, a slew of sum­mer cook­ing class­es ((check out my upcom­ing class­es HERE and HERE)) and a set of fresh­ly applied braces were just a few of the activ­i­ties that had us mov­ing at a speedy pace this week. Con­tin­ue read­ing

Toasted Walnut & Garden-Fresh Sweet Basil Pesto ((Homemade))

It has been a tough sea­son for the gar­den! I had one squash to har­vest ((boo to the squash bugs)), a few beets, pithy radish­es galore, not one bean and the toma­toes have begrudg­ing­ly pro­duced — if that is even pos­si­ble. But a few things have been out­stand­ing — and I am not refer­ring to the weeds.

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Heirloom Tomato Salsa ((straight from the garden!!))

You guys may have learned this by now, but let me just say it again for the record! Chips & sal­sa are my love lan­guage. It used to be Chips & sal­sa AND Diet Dr. Pep­pers from Son­ic, but I gave up the DDP addic­tion 10 months ago ((and it was SO hard to do — I am NEVER going back!!)). Any­way, about the chips and sal­sa… Con­tin­ue read­ing

Chard and White Bean Italian Soup with Crispy Sausage

A few pounds of dried white beans is a pantry sta­ple must in my home. If I am out of pro­tein options, run­ning low on meal ideas, or just look­ing for some sim­ple ((healthy)) com­fort food, beans take care of busi­ness every sin­gle time. AND — hel­lo! They are super bud­get friend­ly too. A per­fect food for my fam­i­ly of 6.

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Bunnies, Severe Weather & My Garden

I do have a few recipes to share. But tonight, I am burst­ing to tell you about my Lion Lop bun­nies and if I tell you about my Lion Lops, I have to tell you about the severe weath­er that has con­sumed half of their lit­tle pre­cious lives AND if I tell you about the recent severe weath­er, I have to tell you about my gar­den. So — I will share a yum­my, superbly per­fect choco­late but­ter­cream recipe tomor­row­ish. Con­tin­ue read­ing

A Giant Garage Sale, a Lemonade Stand & a Hopeful Harvest ((and lots of sandwiches for dinner))

Whew. We have been work­ing hard in my lit­tle cor­ner of the world! First, I just pulled off the impos­si­ble & entered the garage sale hall of fame. Pic­tures don’t com­plete­ly express the depth of despair I felt as I sat among the piles, rather heaps, of out­grown toys, shrunk­en clothes & lasterday’s decor & wares. Prayer arrows Con­tin­ue read­ing

Rainbow Chard & Sweet Cherry Pepper Croquettes ((Your tastebuds won’t believe this is super healthy))

Before I even start to tell you about this recipe, I want to thank you for at least click­ing on this post. I mean real­ly — rain­bow chard is not an ingre­di­ent that makes your mouth water at the sound of its name! (haha) And, I have to admit, some­times chard can nat­u­ral­ly be pret­ty bit­ter. BUT — not this time! I have fig­ured out the per­fect way to cook with it & am so excit­ed to share my ‘dis­cov­ery’ with you!

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