How about a glimpse at the 4 day old bunnies?!

Well, we are 4 days in and have made a few changes that have proven to work! First of all, I moved the nest into a larg­er box.

As I men­tioned ear­li­er, our 2 female bun­nies decid­ed to build their nests in the same nest­ing box. We were total­ly sur­prised and hon­est­ly a lit­tle pan­icked when I real­ized the sit­u­a­tion. The orig­i­nal nest­ing box was the per­fect size for one mom­ma and her lit­ter but TWO mom­mas and TWO lit­ters? Yikes.


I ((VERY)) care­ful­ly trans­ferred the kits and the momma’s nest­ing fur into an impromp­tu Ama­zon ship­ping box. All along the way I PRAYED. Thank­ful­ly, the mom­mas and the babies accept­ed the move and have done very well.


Here is a video of the mom­mas hap­pi­ly snack­ing while I exam­ined their 4 day old kits.

And now for the best part — a lit­tle glimpse at the wee lit­tle ones!

Stay tuned for more updates and video clips. Oh and I am hap­py to add you to the list of future bun­ny own­ers. Mes­sage me or com­ment below to talk specifics!


  1. Angie Dickerson says:

    Hi there! Kristin Cook is a friend of ours and our very own Bun­ny Mas­ter, so when we decid­ed to sur­prise our kids w a bun­ny, we turned to Kristin to answer our ques­tions! She has sent us to you for a pos­si­ble pur­chase and we would love more info on your new bun­nies!!! Thank you! ~Ang­ie and Kevin Dick­er­son

In true show & tell form: "I am open for questions & comments"

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