How about a glimpse at the 4 day old bunnies?!

Well, we are 4 days in and have made a few changes that have proven to work! First of all, I moved the nest into a larger box.

As I mentioned earlier, our 2 female bunnies decided to build their nests in the same nesting box. We were totally surprised and honestly a little panicked when I realized the situation. The original nesting box was the perfect size for one momma and her litter but TWO mommas and TWO litters? Yikes.


I ((VERY)) carefully transferred the kits and the momma’s nesting fur into an impromptu Amazon shipping box. All along the way I PRAYED. Thankfully, the mommas and the babies accepted the move and have done very well.


Here is a video of the mommas happily snacking while I examined their 4 day old kits.

And now for the best part – a little glimpse at the wee little ones!

Stay tuned for more updates and video clips. Oh and I am happy to add you to the list of future bunny owners. Message me or comment below to talk specifics!


  1. Angie Dickerson says:

    Hi there! Kristin Cook is a friend of ours and our very own Bunny Master, so when we decided to surprise our kids w a bunny, we turned to Kristin to answer our questions! She has sent us to you for a possible purchase and we would love more info on your new bunnies!!! Thank you! ~Angie and Kevin Dickerson

In true show & tell form: "I am open for questions & comments"

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