Summer Peach Slab Pie ((a new FFAY recipe for Sinkology!))

My newest Sinkology recipe shines the light on one of my favorite summer treats :: fresh peaches! This slab pie combines some of my very own homegrown peaches with my favorite buttery, flaky, cinnamon-sugar pie crust. A homemade lattice crust topped peach pie made from homegrown peaches may sound a little complicated, right? Would it surprise you to know,

this was my very first attempt at making a lattice pie crust? ((maybe not if you look really closely and pull out a ruler – so don’t do that!))


Well, it really was my first try! As I was whipping this recipe up, I couldn’t help but realize how much easier this “pie-making” business” is than what I had first imagined. With my no-fail crust recipe and some perfectly ripe sweet summer peaches, this slab pie practically made itself!! 


Living with copper is as easy as pie ((haha, see what I did there?!)) – did you know copper cleans itself?? I could explain the science of why that’s true but that would be more complicated than actually living with a copper sink. That is just ONE fact I have learned since choosing copper 3 years ago.

I will be telling you more of my copper thoughts in the next few months while sharing some fantastically delicious yet surprisingly simple food with you. While you wait, check out some beautiful copper sinks HERE and make THIS Summer Peach Slab Pie.image


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