The Bunny Babies are 2 Weeks Old!

I mean real­ly. I just don’t think there could be any­thing cuter. These 2 week old bun­nies are just a boun­ty of pure delight.


I could sit by their hutch­es all day long play­ing, cud­dling and just qui­et­ly watch­ing them. But for some rea­son, my herd likes to eat sev­er­al times a day and just like that, real life calls meaty from this sweet lit­tle bun­ny farm heav­en.



It looks as though we have two Black Otter Hol­land Lops — they are just like their mom­ma. This is a first for the Bun­ny Farm and wow are they gor­geous. We also have anoth­er Gray Torte which is exact­ly like the baby we kept from last Spring’s lit­ter ((HONEY)) and anoth­er Agouti.


This is our chub­by bun­ny Hon­ey, whom we kept from our ear­li­er lit­ter. She is so gushy and sweet. I just love her.


Here is sweet mom­ma, Pol­ly, over­look­ing her babies. She is so sweet to me these days — she loves the extra atten­tion and just lets me pet her to my heart’s con­tent. She is also always up for anoth­er yum­my treat! Feed­ing four fur­ry babies isn’t for the faint of heart!


We also have some beau­ti­ful lion lops — check out this cutie! This bun­ny has a twin with very sim­i­lar col­or­ing — so a pair of Har­le­quin Lion­lops!


They have fig­ured out how to escape their nest­ing box.


Mom­ma, Ruby Grace, isn’t too sure what to think about that!


In addi­tion to the 2 harley’s we also have 2 black lion­lops — each has a white patch on the nose and a white streak on the fore­head. Just beau­ti­ful! The next bite of excite­ment comes in a few weeks when we can final­ly tell if any of our lion­lops have BLUE EYES like their dad­dy, Frank ((old blue eyes)).



Here are some videos of them in action!

These bun­nies are for sale, I pre­fer to sell them in pairs because they are such social pets. They will be ready for pick up the week before Christ­mas — won’t they be so cute under your Christ­mas Tree??

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