Triple Yolk Dinner Rolls w/ Melted Butter & Sea Salt

Triple Yolk Dinner Rolls w/ Melted Butter & Sea Salt

Until today, I had never attempted homemade ((yeast)) dinner rolls. But thanks to the gray, overcast sky and potential for freezing rain, I decided to stay in and give “becoming a bread maker” my best effort.

After searching for and reading multiple recipes, I settled on THIS one from “Stay At Home Chef”. I made a couple of adjustments, but really stuck to the overall recipe. To check out the entire recipe, head over to the Stay At Home Chef.

But first, let me tell you about my adjustments ::

  • rather than 2 eggs, I used 3 egg yolks and one egg white
  • I used 1/3 c sugar rather than 1/4 c ((I like slightly sweet dinner rolls))
  • I increased the salt from 2 t to 3 t and rather than table salt – I used sea salt
  • In order to get the consistency I was looking for, I used 6 1/4 c AP flour rather than 6 c

As far as methodology goes, I followed the order and steps. But when rolling out the dough to form rolls, I used my food scale and dough cutter. This allowed me to be certain that the rolls were all uniform in size and would therefore bake evenly. In order to know how large each roll should be, I weighed the entire dough ball and then divided that weight by 24. The end result was each roll weighed 2.3 oz.

As far as baking time goes, I preheated my oven for 1 hour. This way, I was certain the oven was ready to maintain the right temperature :: 375°. The recipe suggests 12-14 minutes baking time, but I found it necessary to increase the time to 16 minutes.

Last, after topping the hot rolls with melted butter, I topped with a nice pinch of sea salt.

Whether eating straight out of the oven or allowing them to cool for 15 minutes – these really are the best dinner roll I have ever eaten! I am happy to have found the recipe and look forward to making it again soon. I may even turn the dough into cinnamon rolls or fill with buttercream and top with powdered sugar. SO SO GOOD and EASY!

So head over to Stay At Home Chef for the complete recipe!