Triple Yolk Dinner Rolls w/ Melted Butter & Sea Salt

Until today, I had nev­er attempt­ed home­made ((yeast)) din­ner rolls. But thanks to the gray, over­cast sky and poten­tial for freez­ing rain, I decid­ed to stay in and give “becom­ing a bread mak­er” my best effort.

After search­ing for and read­ing mul­ti­ple recipes, I set­tled on THIS one from “Stay At Home Chef”. I made a cou­ple of adjust­ments, but real­ly stuck to the over­all recipe. To check out the entire recipe, head over to the Stay At Home Chef.

But first, let me tell you about my adjust­ments ::

  • rather than 2 eggs, I used 3 egg yolks and one egg white
  • I used 1/3 c sug­ar rather than 1/4 c ((I like slight­ly sweet din­ner rolls))
  • I increased the salt from 2 t to 3 t and rather than table salt — I used sea salt
  • In order to get the con­sis­ten­cy I was look­ing for, I used 6 1/4 c AP flour rather than 6 c

As far as method­ol­o­gy goes, I fol­lowed the order and steps. But when rolling out the dough to form rolls, I used my food scale and dough cut­ter. This allowed me to be cer­tain that the rolls were all uni­form in size and would there­fore bake even­ly. In order to know how large each roll should be, I weighed the entire dough ball and then divid­ed that weight by 24. The end result was each roll weighed 2.3 oz.

As far as bak­ing time goes, I pre­heat­ed my oven for 1 hour. This way, I was cer­tain the oven was ready to main­tain the right tem­per­a­ture :: 375°. The recipe sug­gests 12–14 min­utes bak­ing time, but I found it nec­es­sary to increase the time to 16 min­utes.

Last, after top­ping the hot rolls with melt­ed but­ter, I topped with a nice pinch of sea salt.

Whether eat­ing straight out of the oven or allow­ing them to cool for 15 min­utes — these real­ly are the best din­ner roll I have ever eat­en! I am hap­py to have found the recipe and look for­ward to mak­ing it again soon. I may even turn the dough into cin­na­mon rolls or fill with but­ter­cream and top with pow­dered sug­ar. SO SO GOOD and EASY!

So head over to Stay At Home Chef for the com­plete recipe!

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