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Oven Roasted Okra

Today I am shar­ing a quick and sim­ple twist on tra­di­tion­al fried okra. My mom’s fried okra hap­pens to be one of my most favorite things to eat in the entire world. Salty, crunchy and fried to a crisp — coat­ed in a light cornmeal/flour coat­ing. I am not sure “it” can get any bet­ter — “it” may get as good, but it won’t get bet­ter! (Not sure what “it” is, but that’s okay! Con­tin­ue read­ing

Oven Roasted Brussles + Bacon

I just love this sim­ple side dish — so much that the next time I make it, I plan to quadru­ple it and call it din­ner! It is just.that.good. And speak­ing of sides — this real­ly is the per­fect sim­ple side for your upcom­ing Thanks­giv­ing Feast — so add it to your menu, gath­er your short list of ingre­di­ents and pre­pare to be daz­zled.

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Mustard Dressed Radish & Cilantro Slaw

On this week’s menu, I made one of my busy night “go-to slow cook­er recipes”: Cur­ry Beef and But­ter­nut Squash!! It is a meal that ((sur­pris­ing­ly)) pleas­es every­one & is so easy to make. Some­how, I man­aged to find a few spare sec­onds in the hus­tle of my day and decid­ed it was time to do some­thing with the beau­ti­ful radish­es I found at Whole Foods.

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