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Thyme Blossom-Brined, Chinese Five Spice & Buttermilk Deep Fried Chicken

About 3 weeks ago, hubby hinted at his Father’s Day wish list. It was short – very short. He said, “you know what I want for Father’s Day??” Now, at this point, my ears perked! I have a hard time coming up with gift ideas & always appreciate some tips. Can you guess what he asked for?  Continue reading

NM-Style Taco Soup with Posole & Mayocoba Beans

Taco soup is like a chameleon — it blends into any season & can reflect multiple regions (based on seasonings). It’s perfect in winter, comforting and warm – and just a fitting for summer, spicy & satisfying. This taco soup recipe is inspired by my recent trip to NM. I picked up some of my favorite types of souvenirs: local ingredients and spices! Continue reading

Cream Cheese Verde Chicken Enchiladas

This recipe needs to go on your menu this week. It is fairly simple – the only tricky part is warming the tortillas in the skillet while thickening the sauce in a pan. The trickiness is simplified by lining everything up in a row and forming an assembly line. All of that disappears when that first bite passes your lips… the taste far outweighs the tiny bit of trouble ((just you wait and see!!)). Continue reading

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