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Pecan Fingers — A vintage recipe that earned “Keeper” status decades ago!

A few weeks ago, mom cook­ie pie bars made these for the Schuer­mann Fam­i­ly. She made them because she knew they were one of Ken and Alice’s favorite. As I took the first bite, I remem­bered how deli­cious these treats are and thought to myself “Why haven’t I made these??”. That men­tal whis­per was quick­ly fol­lowed by a direc­tive: “You will be mak­ing these and shar­ing them with the world ((via Food for a Year — how­ev­er small that world may be)). Because, what the world needs now is this cook­ie bar per­fec­tion.”

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The BEST baked dip EVER: Onion Soufflé

How is it pos­si­ble for 4 com­mon ingre­di­ents to taste so won­der­ful — just because they are mixed togeth­er and baked into a hot, bub­bly per­fec­tion?? I real­ly don’t know, but every time I make this, I always find myself amazed. Well, amazed and full. This is one of those treats I.CAN’T.STOP.EATING.!!!

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