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Million Dollar Mac Bake

This lit­tle recipe needs to be tucked away for that moment din­ner­time has snuck up on you. A semi-stocked pantry and fridge should have just about every­thing you need to get this yum­my, sat­is­fy­ing meal on the table in under an hour — AND with just the effort of boil­ing some pas­ta, mix­ing in a few ingre­di­ents and bak­ing to bub­bly, gooey per­fec­tion. Con­tin­ue read­ing

Fast and Easy Cheesy Enchilada Stove-Top Pasta

Seems like “busy” and “din­ner­time” have become best friends late­ly. We are rushed from appoint­ments to lessons to prac­tice to com­plete assign­ments and tweak projects. Throw in some pret­ty weath­er that keeps you out­side more than in and the ever present desire to stare at a blank wall for a few moments when life starts to become too packed ((oh that’s just me?!?)) — and din­ner­time with a home-cooked meal can become near­ly impos­si­ble. Con­tin­ue read­ing

Hearty Italian Herbed Tomato & Meat Sauce w/ Semo Conchiglie ((Part 2 of 3 “Tasty Meals for Tired Travelers”))

Before you run for the hills, mut­ter­ing things about how “Semo Conchiglie” is not among the list of things you con­sid­er mak­ing when you are tired, just take out those words and replace them with “Mac­a­roni”. Thanks to T.J. Maxx, I have access to “fan­cy” noo­dles — and oh how I LOVE fan­cy noo­dles. Con­tin­ue read­ing

Lemon & Caper Cream Sauce

Dur­ing a typ­i­cal week, a jar of pas­ta sauce can be a real life-saver when it comes to din­ner­time. I have shared my very most favorite jarred pas­ta sauce brand pre­vi­ous­ly ((HERE)). As much as I love the tried and true toma­to-based pas­ta sauce, there is some­thing about a cream sauce that is both extrav­a­gant and com­fort­ing! Con­tin­ue read­ing

Mezzi Paccheri with Spring Peas & Candied Bacon

About 5 years ago, I found myself in a predica­ment ((I imag­ine most moms find them­selves in)). Din­ner­time was upon us and there I was — AGAIN beg­ging my kids to eat some­thing green. This time the some­thing green was peas. All four were mid-refusals when I decid­ed to demon­strate the “prop­er pea-eat­ing method”. Con­tin­ue read­ing

Strascinati Pugliesi with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce & Crisp Candied Bacon :: Another Food for a Year recipe for Sinkology!

With the first bite, this deli­cious pas­ta will knock the socks right off of your feet — or at least it will make you want to lick your bowl, the serv­ing spoon and the sauce­pot. It buck­led my knees — in that “did I just make this?!” sort of way that hap­pens when I strike recipe gold. Con­tin­ue read­ing

Toasted Walnut & Garden-Fresh Sweet Basil Pesto ((Homemade))

It has been a tough sea­son for the gar­den! I had one squash to har­vest ((boo to the squash bugs)), a few beets, pithy radish­es galore, not one bean and the toma­toes have begrudg­ing­ly pro­duced — if that is even pos­si­ble. But a few things have been out­stand­ing — and I am not refer­ring to the weeds.

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Super Cheesy Double Meat Baked Spaghetti

With the first bite of this baked spaghet­ti, I thought to myself “why has it been so long since I made this for din­ner??”. I quick­ly answered my ques­tion — which, as I look back on this con­vo– makes me real­ize: not only am I talk­ing to myself; I am admit­ting it pub­licly. Is that a good pic­ture of a mom’s life or what?!

So — here is my answer: “Wow, this is so good, I can’t quit eat­ing it. Now I remem­ber why it’s been off the menu for so long!! It makes my pants tight!”.
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Becoming a Pasta Maker ((Napa part 4))

I must say, the idea of a head chef and restau­rant own­er per­son­al­ly train­ing me in the art and sci­ence of pas­ta mak­ing seemed very exciting…until the morn­ing came to be taught. I was ner­vous — like first day at a new school ner­vous. I need­ed my BF to be tag­ging along, or my hub­by — or let’s be hon­est, even the idea of bring­ing my 8-year-old was start­ing to become very appeal­ing. But it was just me. I walked into the restau­rant and decid­ed it was time to begin act­ing like I wasn’t ner­vous, I slipped on the white chef’s jack­et and intro­duced myself. With my intro­duc­tion, I quick­ly deflat­ed any notions he may have had about me. “I know noth­ing, I have nev­er made pas­ta — I don’t even have a pas­ta mak­er.” I said with a short laugh and a smile.

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It’s a wonderful whirlwind of a tour ((part 2)): The Golden Gate Bridge, Marin County and a Napa Valley Welcome.

We woke ear­ly. Our minds were set to Okla­homa time, but our thoughts danced through the rec­ol­lec­tions of where we had been and imag­ined the beau­ty and excite­ment of where the day would lead. I just love the inter­net, unless I hate it — but that is anoth­er sto­ry. We read dozens of reviews and menus of 15+ local break­fast nooks deep with­in Berke­ley. We exam­ined all of our options and set­tled on Con­tin­ue read­ing

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