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Epic Lasagna — Meat & Potatoes Meet Homemade Lasagna Noodles!!

Now, before I start telling you about this recipe, let me quickly tell you about the name of this recipe. It all started when I was struggling to heave this massive creation out of the oven. It was massively heavy because I was afeared feeding 4 college guys an average sized lasagna would not fill them up – so, I doubled it and assembled it in a — get ready for this:  Continue reading

An Okie Girl’s take on Tacos al Pastor

Okay folks, I thought the name of this dish was Tacos “EL” Pastor. Apparently, it isn’t “EL”, it’s “AL”.  That in and of itself is proof I am a “winger”. Not sure what “winger” means in this context?? Well, I am one of those who cooks first, reads second, or tenth — I am a winger. I mean, what mom of four, wife, pet ((times 5)) owner etc. has time to read a recipe before cooking it?? I sure don’t, I wing it every.single.time.

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Simple, No-Fail Authentic Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with a Sweetened Vanilla Bean Sour Cream Topping

Before I even start telling you how good this is – let me just grab you by the shoulders and pull you in close. Have I got ya? Good – listen up: “You can do this. It will be great. You will impress your people. Believe me.” Now that we have that taken care of, let me tell you about what I see in your future: creamy, thick, perfectly smooth, dense — perfectly gourmet homemade cheesecake! Continue reading

Becoming a Pasta Maker ((Napa part 4))

I must say, the idea of a head chef and restaurant owner personally training me in the art and science of pasta making seemed very exciting…until the morning came to be taught. I was nervous — like first day at a new school nervous. I needed my BF to be tagging along, or my hubby – or let’s be honest, even the idea of bringing my 8-year-old was starting to become very appealing. But it was just me. I walked into the restaurant and decided it was time to begin acting like I wasn’t nervous, I slipped on the white chef’s jacket and introduced myself. With my introduction, I quickly deflated any notions he may have had about me. “I know nothing, I have never made pasta – I don’t even have a pasta maker.” I said with a short laugh and a smile.

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An Okie Girl’s take on Coconut Beef Curry ((this is gonna be good…))

If you have been trained in authentic Asian cooking, you may scroll down, scan my recipe and proceed to laugh out loud. Hard. For all I know, the recipe I am about to share it so far from authentic, it should be put into a totally new cuisine category. Either way, this is what I do. Mix, stir, adjust, imagine, taste, try and repeat. My Coconut Beef Curry was absolutely bursting with aromatic flavors. The depth and layers were magnificent. ((not to brag))

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Dear Alice, and a recipe for Orange Candied Walnuts

Dear Alice,

A little bit over four weeks ago we were making plans. Looking through all of your cookbooks and mapping out our treats for Perry Christmas. The bread pudding with almond paste and raspberry sauce has been one we have talked about for years, and true to form – we talked all about it again.

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