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“We came, we saw, we ate”: The Napa Valley Bakery Tour ((N. Cali trip part 3))

It all started with an idea, but ended up being one of the most fun things I have ever done. You are probably thinking “Napa Valley is for wine tours, not bakery tours!?” Well, I must admit, I am not a wine drinker. I love to cook with excellent wines – but I have not learned to appreciate the intricacies of wine. I do, however, love cake, pastries, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, doughnuts, pies and macaroons. So here in the heart of wine country, I toured bakeries. I picked 5 bakeries in the Napa Valley area and ate at four of them in under three hours. I was a difficult task – but I managed to pull it off! From this, I can confidently say – “I have tasted some the most delicious treats I may ever find for..the..rest..of..my..life!”  Continue reading

Trip of a Lifetime ((part 5 – the end)) expectations…exceeded

This story as been harder to write than I first anticipated ((and longer than I thought it would be too)). Originally, I thought 2 parts would cover it. However, as I began writing it out, sections and divisions became clearer to me. Each portion of this story has been a contrast between need and provision, unexpected and providentially prepared, a time of peace and a sudden storm, needing guidance and a path made clear. But this last portion of “our story” is going to contrast something completely different and I hope, rather than being bored with a long story, what you will see in these final moments inspires you to shine in the midst of suffering.

Continue reading

A trip of a Lifetime ((can this count as 2 Tips of the Week?)) part one

When you hear nothing from me for this long of a stretch, you can be sure it is not for a lack of things to say, haha.  Words have been bursting forth in my mind, but time to sit and compose has been nonexistent. I am now home ((in Oklahoma)), and have a few spare moments to reflect on what I imagine will, for the rest of my days, be referred to as the trip of a lifetime. Continue reading

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