Tip of the Week + Giveaway!!

Tip of the Week + Giveaway!!

I have noticed these squeeze dispensers being used on the Food Network all of the time. Finally, after a few years of thinking how handy it would be to have a set for myself, ((and forgetting to look for them at the store–every single time I went)) I grabbed a set of my very own. Whew!!  They make a huge difference in my cooking. I use them to hold my favorite vinegar, canola oil and olive oil. But really, the possibilities are infinite.


Every time I use a squeeze dispenser, I can’t help but smile. Before squeeze dispensers entered my kitchen, I over-spilled & over-used olive oil and cooking oil — almost ALL of the time ((so frustrating)). Veggies would go from crisp to soggy and I would end up using paper towels to sop up my mistake (often made because I was distracted or in a hurry). Too many messes and too much waste.


Now, I can make a quick vinaigrette & flash-pickle veggies in a flash. 


While cooking my Seventeen Herb Chicken, I can give a quick squeeze to my skillet without worrying about using too much.


I can drizzle oil over my oven roasted veggies, ensuring an even but LIGHT coat over everything.

How about using a squeeze dispenser to serve your favorite fudge sauce or the best salad dressing ever: Avocado Chili Lime Buttermilk Ranch Dressing?? The possibilities are endless. 



Want to win your own set? I am giving away 2 sets of (3) squeeze dispensers & I will mail to anywhere in the USA. YAY!!

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