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Homemade Green Enchilada Sauce & Cream Cheese Chicken Enchilada Casserole ((It’s a “Two-fer”))

Oh boy! After a week of meals come Friday night, I am ready to call the pizza delivery man! But I forced myself to pull out one more meal. ((Who am I kidding, there is a meal coming for Saturday too!)) I sure am glad I persevered! This one was a total winner. The entire herd larped it up — there was even an elbow jab or two for the last crispy bits.

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Speedy Chili-Mac aka Mexican Goulash ((just like Grandma’s))

One of my favorite ways to stretch our grocery budget is to make my own beans. Not canned, not frozen – but dried beans. If you have been following me over the last year, you know all about my love for dried beans! I also love bulk cooking meat & making my own seasoning blends. This recipe combines so much of my cooking point of view — which makes me super excited to share this recipe with you!  Continue reading

Tip of the Week ((a simple egg test — will yours pass??))

For this week’s Tip of the Week, I am sharing a fun little way to test the freshness of your eggs. Don’t you ever wonder about your eggs?? Are they bad and you don’t know it?? Well, wonder no more. I have the perfect ((simple)) way to test freshness! It goes all the way back to the density of matter…

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Tip of the Week!

I decided to share this particular tip while I was preparing the Chard Roll recipe I shared earlier this week. I chopped and chopped and chopped in order to make the chard roll filling and the deliciously simple garden- veggie tomato sauce. Several times, throughout the process, I thought to myself “this is so handy – I am glad Rachel Ray shared this idea on her show…It’s so simple…it should be the Tip of the Week!” Continue reading

Tip of the Week!! ((100th post & a giveaway!!))

This week’s Tip of the Week is also my 100th post!! To celebrate this achievement, I am giving away a set of 3 handmade, crocheted dish clothes. These dish clothes are cute but also get the “job done” better than any others I have found. They are a bit thicker & textured in such a way to really combat messes and grime! I hope the winner appreciates them as much as I do! In order to be entered in this giveaway, Continue reading

This Hobo Dinner just may change your life!

 The first time I had a Hobo Dinner was when I was 12. Mom, Dad, Mike & I were camping in the summer in CO. Once the tent was sent up, the campfire wood was gathered and the campfire was built, mom and I started the meal prep. I remember washing my hands with water from our jug, making sure not to waste it! If something dropped on the ground, I would do a quick rinse and try to make sure it became part of my brother’s meal ((hahaha))!

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