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Hoisin & Sweet Chili Glazed Egg Roll Meatballs

I have a deep love for meatballs – if you haven’t already noticed! Each one is adaptable to any flavor profile, can be crammed full of various veggies & can made low-carb & low-fat. In addition to all of those great reasons – homemade meatballs bake quickly & are a perfect “stock your freezer meal”. For this meatball, I decided it was time to replicate the yumminess of the delicious egg roll.

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Peach Cobbler Cake – This will change you life.

Hello. How are you? When you say fine, do you really mean it? I hope so – but today I want to help shoot you beyond fine right into the middle of honestly great! Surprise! I have just the recipe to help get you there. It is not complicated, it’s just a simple cake recipe…with a few twists that will make it  very special.  Continue reading

Pasta-less Lasagna Rolls ((so tasty, you won’t even miss the pasta!!))

Have I mentioned the status of my rainbow chard lately?? I am amazed, these plants are flourishing!  They are huge, healthy, happy & gorgeous. Over the last several years, I have begun integrating edible plants into my flower beds, I am starting a new trend – edible ornamental gardening. It pleases me deep in my soul. Visitors are often questioning, what is that – It’s gorgeous!? When I tell them it’s edible they are always surprised. I proceed to walk them around all of the beds, pointing out all of the edible treats I have tucked and nestled among my trees & flowers. Continue reading

Taco Bowl Night! ((and the very best seasoning blend for taco meat))

Friday night. Those simple words illicit happy thoughts, freedom from the schedules and responsibilities of the week & a time to slow down and enjoy some of the things that have been rushed for too long. At least that’s what Friday Nights mean in our home! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate all the things Friday night offers, than to have Taco Bowl Night!

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Easy ((and eye-poppingly good)) Homemade Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cake

I recently shared the recipe for a yummy Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake. That chocolate cake is really quite a cake, so easy to make and not fussy in the least and it will always perfectly please those blessed by eating it. BUT, I can not help but wonder what would happen if I changed a few things within the body of this recipe. And with a few flits of my brain and the best 4-year old helper imaginable – cake history is going to be made ((or at least a really great cake will be made!)). Continue reading

Ranch & 3-Cheese Creamy Rice –“Faux-sotto”

This simple side-dish is a perfect addition to any meal. Rich, velvety & flavorful, it really tastes like it should be much harder to make than it is. It tastes so much like a creamy slow-cooked risotto — I can’t help but call it “Faux-sotto”. No need to hover over a hot pan stirring your life away! Just cover the rice – let it steam to perfection & add a short list of simple & delicious ingredients…your family will never know what hit them! Continue reading

Teriyaki Burgers ((my way))

I have mentioned my love for teriyaki previously. ((Have you tried my Spicy Teriyaki Tacos?? or this yummy Two-Ingredient Fish??))  It is a deep love, an old love & a true love! I will NEVER tire of the simple, sweet & salty, ginger/garlic flavors in teriyaki. One of my favorite ways to incorporate this beloved flavor into my weekly menu is by jamming it into a beefy burger!

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Tip of the Week ((a simple egg test — will yours pass??))

For this week’s Tip of the Week, I am sharing a fun little way to test the freshness of your eggs. Don’t you ever wonder about your eggs?? Are they bad and you don’t know it?? Well, wonder no more. I have the perfect ((simple)) way to test freshness! It goes all the way back to the density of matter…

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