Chocolate Briefcase Cake :: a FFAY recipe for Sinkology

Looking for the perfect accessory to go with some much needed P & Q?? Or you want a simple but special dessert for the family? Or you just LOVE chocolate cake – and are always up for trying a new chocolate cake recipe? Well, this chocolate cake is SURE to be just the thing you need.


This simple recipe is a twist on one of my favorite recipes – the Texas Sheet Cake. I only switched out one main ingredient, but wow!! It sure made a big impact on the flavor of this cake! Find out what that secret ingredient is AND get the complete recipe HERE


By now, I bet you are wondering how I can connect chocolate cake with a copper sink. You may even be trying to guess at how I related the 2 things. I will tell you – but I would LOVE to hear what you think a chocolate cake and a copper sink have in common. Check out some gorgeous kitchen and bathroom copper sinks here and here as well as my FFAY recipe over on the Sinkology Blog and then leave your thoughts for me in the comments section of this post.


I think it is amazing how changing one thing can change everything. The ingredient swap I made in this moist, fudgy chocolate cake changed then entire flavor in a very surprising and delicious way. And that is exactly how I felt the first moment I saw my farmhouse copper sink installed in my kitchen. That one sink changed the entire feel of my kitchen – in a really good way. Copper adds a warm and usability unlike any other.

What one thing are you tempted to changed in your home??

Well, may I suggest you eat a piece of Chocolate Briefcase Cake first and then go for it!

In true show & tell form: "I am open for questions & comments"

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