Chocolate Briefcase Cake :: a FFAY recipe for Sinkology

Look­ing for the per­fect acces­so­ry to go with some much need­ed P & Q?? Or you want a sim­ple but spe­cial dessert for the fam­i­ly? Or you just LOVE choco­late cake — and are always up for try­ing a new choco­late cake recipe? Well, this choco­late cake is SURE to be just the thing you need.


This sim­ple recipe is a twist on one of my favorite recipes — the Texas Sheet Cake. I only switched out one main ingre­di­ent, but wow!! It sure made a big impact on the fla­vor of this cake! Find out what that secret ingre­di­ent is AND get the com­plete recipe HERE


By now, I bet you are won­der­ing how I can con­nect choco­late cake with a cop­per sink. You may even be try­ing to guess at how I relat­ed the 2 things. I will tell you — but I would LOVE to hear what you think a choco­late cake and a cop­per sink have in com­mon. Check out some gor­geous kitchen and bath­room cop­per sinks here and here as well as my FFAY recipe over on the Sinkol­o­gy Blog and then leave your thoughts for me in the com­ments sec­tion of this post.


I think it is amaz­ing how chang­ing one thing can change every­thing. The ingre­di­ent swap I made in this moist, fudgy choco­late cake changed then entire fla­vor in a very sur­pris­ing and deli­cious way. And that is exact­ly how I felt the first moment I saw my farm­house cop­per sink installed in my kitchen. That one sink changed the entire feel of my kitchen — in a real­ly good way. Cop­per adds a warm and usabil­i­ty unlike any oth­er.

What one thing are you tempt­ed to changed in your home??

Well, may I sug­gest you eat a piece of Choco­late Brief­case Cake first and then go for it!

In true show & tell form: "I am open for questions & comments"

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