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Smoked Salmon Scramble — a Berkeley favorite!

Sev­er­al years ago, David and I stum­bled upon, what has since become one of my all-time favorite restau­rants :: Lama Beans Cafe in Berke­ley, CA. We picked this spot because online reviews raved about this lit­tle local gem — high qual­i­ty, deli­cious local food that’s rea­son­ably priced — right up my alley!
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Tomato Avocado Spinach Salad w/ Lemon Basil Vinaigrette

Here in Okla­homa, we are in that sea­son­al blur between sum­mer and fall, some days feel just like mid-July and oth­er days whis­per of change with gray over­cast skies and cool breezes. Yes, it’s time for some­thing a lit­tle dif­fer­ent but while while sum­mer keeps hang­ing on, I feel the urgency to make the most of summer’s pro­duce. This sal­ad is a blend of fresh sum­mer good­ness and still per­fect­ly points to fall’s hearty, com­fort­ing, fla­vor-packed sides. Con­tin­ue read­ing

Chocolate Briefcase Cake :: a FFAY recipe for Sinkology

Look­ing for the per­fect acces­so­ry to go with some much need­ed P & Q?? Or you want a sim­ple but spe­cial dessert for the fam­i­ly? Or you just LOVE choco­late cake — and are always up for try­ing a new choco­late cake recipe? Well, this choco­late cake is SURE to be just the thing you need. Con­tin­ue read­ing

Speedy Honey Mustard & Green Onion Oven-Roasted Chicken ((Part 7 of the “BUSY Mom Cooks” recipe series))

Late­ly, every­thing com­ing out of my kitchen has been “speedy”! I can’t even count how many Tamale Skil­let Pie’s ((TSP)) I have made in the last month, but that lit­tle gem of a recipe has been mak­ing bi-week­ly appear­ances for a while now.  In an effort to break out of the TSP rou­tine, and to make use of some things that have been hang­ing out in my deep-freeze for a while, I decid­ed to whip up a few sim­ple chick­en din­ners. This hon­ey mus­tard chick­en Con­tin­ue read­ing

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