(((EASY))) Homemade Ham & Cheese Stuffed Buttermilk Rolls

Whether for lunch, din­ner or even break­fast, these ham & cheese stuffed rolls are a per­fect, sim­ple and tasty meal­time solu­tion.

Home­made bread has always been intim­i­dat­ing to me — just ask my BF Lau­ra. I have avoid­ed try­ing out my lit­tle bak­ing hands for the last 42 years of my life. But then, the per­fect storm hit! Shep, Gra­cie & I were iced in a few weeks ago ((well, ice nev­er came — but we spent the week­end pre­tend­ing like the world out­side was encased in ice)). The oth­er guys were on a week­end church trip and with no excus­es left — I took the plunge into becom­ing a bread mak­er.

Since that week­end, I have made sev­er­al ver­sions of din­ner rolls & cin­na­mon rolls and with that much prac­tice I have real­ly made this dough recipe into my own.

If you are like me, you are prob­a­bly quiv­er­ing at the thought of becom­ing a bread mak­er. But here’s the trick — no mat­ter what, you are ALWAYS the boss of food. Food is NEVER the boss of you. Either it obeys what you say or into the trash it goes. BOOM. Mic drop. The end. Your are the boss and YOU CAN do this.

Here is what you need to know.

ALL of the dough ingre­di­ents go into the mix­er — ulti­mate­ly yeast would appre­ci­ate a lit­tle soak in some warm milk before you add every­thing else to the mix­ing bowl, but if you don’t feel like let­ting the yeast soak, it will still be okay.

You can either use 3 yolks or 2 whole eggs.

You can use whole milk, skim, 2%, but­ter­milk, cream and even sour cream — all with excel­lent results.

This recipe  uses 2 — 3 tea­spoons of kosher salt, accord­ing to your taste. I pre­fer 3 tea­spoons.

Whether you pre­fer a sweet­er roll or a more savory roll, this recipe can han­dle any­where from ¼ — ½ cup of sug­ar nice­ly. Cin­na­mon roll dough uses a heap­ing ½ cup of sug­ar.

Depend­ing on the size of the eggs and amount of sug­ar you will use between 5½ to 6 cups of AP flour.

Every­thing else in this recipe is sta­tion­ary.

For a twist, I stuffed each roll with a slice of ham and a square of cheese. Bak­ing time for these ham & cheese stuffed rolls increased by 3 min­utes to accom­mo­date the added mois­ture that comes from food inside these rolls.

This recipe makes 2 dozen. For con­sis­ten­cy in bak­ing, use a food scale to weigh out the dough balls. Weigh the entire dough ball, divide by 24 and that will tell you how much each dough ball should weigh. 

Whether stuff­ing with ham & cheese, pep­per­oni and mari­nara, BBQ pork or apple pie fill­ing, these rolls are sure to be well-loved by all. What I love about the ham & cheese is they can work for break­fast lunch or din­ner and TRUST me — every­one will eat them up! They are fluffy, moist, but­tery and just the right amount of salty/sweet.

Ham & Cheese Stuffed But­ter­milk Rolls
Yields 24
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Prep Time
4 hr 20 min
Cook Time
18 min
Prep Time
4 hr 20 min
Cook Time
18 min
  1. 2 T IDY* yeast (heap­ing)
  2. 2 c warm but­ter­milk
  3. 6 T salt­ed but­ter, soft­ened
  4. 2 eggs or 3 egg yolks
  5. ½ cup sug­ar
  6. 3 t kosher salt
  7. 5½ — 6 c AP flour (plus more for dust­ing)
  8. 24 thin slices of ham or 24 slices of Cana­di­an bacon
  9. 24 slices of cheese (1½” x 1½” square, your favorite type)
  10. 2 T salt­ed but­ter, melt­ed — for use after bak­ing
  1. In the large mix­ing bowl of your stand mix­er, com­bine yeast and but­ter­milk. Con­tin­ue mea­sur­ing and adding next 4 ingre­di­ents. Using the dough hook attach­ment, mix gen­tly just to start com­bin­ing. Add 5 c flour and mix, start­ing on low­est speed and con­tin­u­ing until flour is incor­po­rat­ed. If dough is still quite sticky and not releas­ing from the sides, add remain­ing flour incre­men­tal­ly between mix­ing until the dough releas­es from the sides of the bowl eas­i­ly.
  2. Weigh a large mix­ing bowl — this will make your job a lit­tle eas­i­er once you begin rolling out the dough balls. Write the weight of the bowl down and then place dough in the large, greased bowl and cov­er. Allow dough to proof in a warm area for 3 hours.
  3. Once proof­ing is com­plet­ed, weigh the bowl and sub­tract the weight of the bowl from the new total. Divide that amount by 24 and that is the weight need­ed for each roll.
  4. Weigh out each roll to the desired weight, roll the dough between the palm of your hand and the work sur­face. Gen­tly open the dough ball, stuff with ham and cheese and pinch shut.
  5. Place each stuffed dough ball on a but­tered, rimmed bak­ing sheet (half-sheet size), mak­ing 6 rows of 4.
  6. Pre­heat oven to 375°. (A well pre-heat­ed oven ensures bet­ter bak­ing results)
  7. Cov­er and allow rolls to proof for one more hour and then place into the pre­heat­ed oven on the mid­dle rack.
  8. Bake for 17–18 min­utes.
  9. Brush tops with melt­ed but­ter and serve*.
  1. *IDY = Instant Dry Yeast
  2. To store, refrig­er­ate after com­plete­ly cooled. To reheat, microwave for 15 secs.
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