My New Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

My New Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

“I’ve never met a chocolate chip cookie I didn’t like”? Chewy, crisp, cakey, thin — doesn’t matter as long as there’s chocolate involved?! Well, I love a good chocolate chip cookie – but I prefer a great chocolate chip cookie … don’t you?

My favorite type of chocolate chip cookie, whether thick or thin, is a chewy chocolate chip cookie ((CCC)) with just the right amount of cookie to chocolate.

A few years ago, I shared one of my all-time favorite CCC recipes – Thick & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. This is a superb recipe and truly the epitome of a perfect chocolate chip cookie (in my books). But there are a few steps and processes that make it a little more laborious than a dump and stir recipe.

Although every single one of those steps is purposeful and guarantees CCC perfection sometimes I just want a “single bowl, dump and stir-by-hand” kind of recipe.

Now the yellow package of chocolate chip morsels has that very “single bowl, dump and stir-by-hand” type of recipe. But it’s just not my fave, ((I almost feel traitor-ish as I type this)) but those cookies go crisp so quickly – and crisp is far from chewy. And chewy is my preference.

So that brings me to this recipe.

This is an interesting recipe I found at King Arthur Flour.  This recipe calls for all of the usual suspects – with the exception of 2 surprises… vinegar and almond extract. 

I don’t know exactly what the function of vinegar is in the recipe, but I can tell you the flavor is not detectable in the least, so don’t fear the vinegar.

When I saw the addition of almond extract, my first thought was “why didn’t I think of that?!”. That 1/4 teaspoon of almond extract adds a whisper of bakery heaven into each bite. It’s not strong enough to realize where the flavor comes from if you didn’t know it was thanks to almond extract.

The last thing you need to know about this recipe is that I tweaked it just a bit.

  • I increased the salt to 1 full teaspoon
  • I omitted the shortening and replaced it with butter
  • speaking of butter, I used salted butter

You can certainly follow the recipe linked above – but I prefer a hint of saltiness in my chocolate chip cookies.

Subsequently, these cookies were VERY hard to stop eating. Consider yourself warned.

One last tip and then I’m off to the gym to work off 5 new pounds of weight the holidays (more specifically these cookies and Lindt LINDOR chocolate truffles) gifted me!

  • If you are of the mindset that healthy eating isn’t about depravation, rather it’s about moderation, then I highly recommend you: 
  1. make this recipe,
  2. use a 2 T scoop to measure cookie dough,
  3. place cookie dough balls onto a parchment-lined baking sheet,
  4. place cookie dough balls into the freezer until frozen solid,
  5. and store in a freezer safe bag or selling container the freezer, baking a cookie or 2 at a time when you get the craving

I’d love to hear how you like this recipe compared to your current go to chocolate chip cookie recipe.