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The Very Best Cookie Recipe ((“Swig” Sugar Cookies))

Last weekend we had my favorite kind of weather! It was so cold and overcast and the biggest juiciest snowflakes fell for hours! I have not seen such a pretty snow all year! With such gorgeous winter weather outside, I was inspired to bake inside. While the kiddos went sledding on our secret hill, I stayed behind and did a search on Pinterest using these words “the best cookie recipe ever“. 

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Pecan Fingers – A vintage recipe that earned “Keeper” status decades ago!

A few weeks ago, mom cookie pie bars made these for the Schuermann Family. She made them because she knew they were one of Ken and Alice’s favorite. As I took the first bite, I remembered how delicious these treats are and thought to myself “Why haven’t I made these??”. That mental whisper was quickly followed by a directive: “You will be making these and sharing them with the world ((via Food for a Year – however small that world may be)). Because, what the world needs now is this cookie bar perfection.”

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Recipe Review ((AND RECIPE!!)): Thick & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies from Cook’s Country Magazine

I love Cook’s Illustrated & Cook’s Country magazines! I always look forward to studying the newest issue! Each one is packed full of tested & perfected recipes, handy, time ((and $$$)) saving tips & one of my favorites parts: food and equipment reviews. It is like having a mini-intersession class in culinary arts every month!  Continue reading

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