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My New Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I’ve nev­er met a choco­late chip cook­ie I didn’t like”? Chewy, crisp, cakey, thin — doesn’t mat­ter as long as there’s choco­late involved?! Well, I love a good choco­late chip cook­ie — but I pre­fer a great choco­late chip cook­ie … don’t you?

My favorite type of choco­late chip cook­ie, whether thick or thin, is Con­tin­ue read­ing

The Very Best Cookie Recipe ((“Swig” Sugar Cookies))

Last week­end we had my favorite kind of weath­er! It was so cold and over­cast and the biggest juici­est snowflakes fell for hours! I have not seen such a pret­ty snow all year! With such gor­geous win­ter weath­er out­side, I was inspired to bake inside. While the kid­dos went sled­ding on our secret hill, I stayed behind and did a search on Pin­ter­est using these words “the best cook­ie recipe ever”. 

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Teenie Cookie Butter Cookie Balls

Yes, my friends, I did it. I made “tee­nie” cook­ie but­ter cook­ie balls. Tee­nie being a code word for “eat by the dozens guilt-free”. That is right, I used the words “cook­ie but­ter” and “guilt-free” in the same para­graph. Trust me — I am buy­ing into the lie, but my pants seem to dis­agree.

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Pecan Fingers — A vintage recipe that earned “Keeper” status decades ago!

A few weeks ago, mom cook­ie pie bars made these for the Schuer­mann Fam­i­ly. She made them because she knew they were one of Ken and Alice’s favorite. As I took the first bite, I remem­bered how deli­cious these treats are and thought to myself “Why haven’t I made these??”. That men­tal whis­per was quick­ly fol­lowed by a direc­tive: “You will be mak­ing these and shar­ing them with the world ((via Food for a Year — how­ev­er small that world may be)). Because, what the world needs now is this cook­ie bar per­fec­tion.”

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Recipe Review ((AND RECIPE!!)): Thick & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies from Cook’s Country Magazine

I love Cook’s Illus­trat­ed & Cook’s Coun­try mag­a­zines! I always look for­ward to study­ing the newest issue! Each one is packed full of test­ed & per­fect­ed recipes, handy, time ((and $$$)) sav­ing tips & one of my favorites parts: food and equip­ment reviews. It is like hav­ing a mini-inter­s­es­sion class in culi­nary arts every month!  Con­tin­ue read­ing

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