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Strascinati Pugliesi with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce & Crisp Candied Bacon :: Another Food for a Year recipe for Sinkology!

With the first bite, this delicious pasta will knock the socks right off of your feet — or at least it will make you want to lick your bowl, the serving spoon and the saucepot. It buckled my knees – in that “did I just make this?!” sort of way that happens when I strike recipe gold. Continue reading

Bacon & Swiss Hot Onion Dip (Part 2 of the “Busy Mom Approved” recipe series)

Okay friends, I am going to blast a few recipes out over the next week. There will be very little commentary – not because they are not commentary worthy, but because this momma is full-up with life. These are TOO GOOD to them let slip away into my vault of recipes that never make their way to the light of the blog!

You know these recipes must good, or else there is NO way I would stop and share. Maybe they will help bring a little “slow-down” to your days – so ready or not, here they come! Continue reading

Candied Pepper Bacon

It is the little things in life that often bring the biggest smiles, right? Like flipping the light switch and the room fills with light. Or that first sip of a fresh cup of tea. Or when your little one brings you a rose petal and a heart-shaped rock while chirping the words “I got these for you momma.” Or diamonds. Yes, it is the little things that fill in all of those dry spots that seem to form too quickly in the everyday parts of life.

And then there’s bacon. Continue reading

Mexican Jumping Beans – ((Taco Seasoned No-Peek Bean Soup))

There are so many things I love about beans – but I think my favorite is how hearty & healthy they are. Oops, that’s two things – sorry.  I know I have shared a lot of bean recipes on Food for a Year, and this Mexican version my be my favorite. Well, it is probably a tie between this and the Cajun Red Beans & Rice.

Continue reading

Cheesy Bacon Meatball Potato Casserole ((a real crowd pleaser))

There comes a point when it is time for a change — right?? Well, I needed something different for dinner. I did a quick scan of my freezer, fridge and pantry and this is what I created: “Meatball Casserole”.

I normally go down the Italian road ((oh, how I literally went down the Italian road!!)) when using frozen meatballs – but with this recipe, I chose pure-dee comfort. Continue reading

BLT on a stick with Homemade Buttermilk Herbed Dressing

BLT — it is my most favorite sandwich. Toasted white bread, a smear of mayo, thick cut salty bacon, crisp iceberg & a juicy slab of ripe, juicy summer tomato.  I am just not sure it can get any better. That is why I was so excited to try this idea ((found on PINTEREST)). It was the perfect addition to the wedding shower tasties I served over the weekend!

Continue reading

Oven Roasted Crispy Chicken & Rainbow Veggies with Gremolata & Bacon

Isn’t this a gorgeous meal?? You can’t help but feel good about your cooking skills when putting this into the oven. But before I tell you all about how wonderful this is and how I know YOU CAN DO THIS, don’t zone out into your thoughts of “I could never do this!” or “what is a gremolata…sounds too fancy” or “I do good not to burn mac N’ cheese, so I am not even attempting this!”. If you can chop ((without loosing a thumb)) then you can do this.

Continue reading

Cheesy Bacon & Jam Stuffed Biscuit Cups

I love making breakfast muffin cups and lately I have been on a real roll. The guys are homeschooled 3 days a week ((and Gracie is homeschooled exclusively)), so I get plenty of opportunities to try my breakfast ideas on them. They love my NomNoms ((check out all my recipes my clicking the link)), but some times I am in the mood for something a little simpler. Breakfast cups are about as simple as it gets. Continue reading

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