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Washington Cherry Upside-Down Cake

Oh my. Cherry Upside-Down Cake. You really must taste it.

People often ask me – “why ‘Food for a Year’? Do you make meal plans? Do you show people how to store up enough food for a year?”….  I think this recipe a good way to answer that question. Our years are filled with traditions, seasons, celebrations, travel, schedules, work, monotony and once-in-a-lifetime moments. And this Cherry Upside-Down Cake blends several of these into one gorgeous, memorable dessert.

While on our recent stay in Washington State (Orcas Island to be exact), my friend, Angie, joined us for several days. It just so happened that her stay was during our shared birthday week — which can only mean one thing :: cake. Continue reading

Mini Birthday Cookie Sandwiches, with Homemade Birthday Cake Buttercream

Sigh. Gracie did it. She went and added another finger to her age – and to make matters worse, that particular finger is on her second hand.  Well, and I didn’t even mention the trifecta of heartache :: she lost her first tooth ((twice, that is a story for another day)) too! All this gibberish is code for Gracie turned 6. And with that milestone, my heart lost a little piece of itself.

There must be 2 types of moms, well maybe 3: Continue reading

Half-Birthday Boy and Cookie Butter Crumble Topped Brownies.

Before I share this yummy cookie butter crumble topped brownie recipe with you, let me first tell you why we celebrate the half-birthdays of my “little” herd. It all began on April 15, 2003; the day Baby Kade turned 6 months old. Well, actually – it really began way back when Baby Kade was about 4 days old & since I haven’t told a good story in a while – what better way to tell a story than with a perfect brownie as the punch-line?! Continue reading

Banana Chocolate Chip Cake with Stovetop Caramel Buttercream ((Birthday Cake time!!))

Whew!! What a cake this is! But before I tell you all about this cake, let me tell you a little about the birthday boy. He was born 11 years ago today at 4:06 am. I am so proud of the fact that he was born in the middle of the night mostly because all of my other babies came around lunchtime with “planned” deliveries ((none were textbook and ho-hum but those are stories for another day)).  Continue reading

Cook’s Illustrated Perfect White Almond Layer Cake with Almond Buttercream ((it’s as if wedding bells ring with every bite!))

I am so thrilled and excited to have the opportunity to share this recipe with you today. I recently made this cake for Gracie’s birthday and if you are following me on Instagram or Facebook, you know all about that! I practically bragged about how good this cake was. 

Continue reading

Make Your Own Cake Mix ((in bulk)) — for the Best ((and easiest)) Cake

Simplicity is the name of the game! Oh, well there is one other game I play also – the “only eat what you can pronounce” game.

Don’t know what I am taking about? Let me show you the list of ingredients in a Super Moist Butter Yellow Cake mix from Betty Crocker ((sorry Betty, I like your cookbooks better than your box mixes – but the mixes still taste REALLY good – I just wish you would refine less — like a lot less)):

Continue reading

Time Flies.

I am on the eve of the anniversary of becoming a mother – oh and Kade is on the eve of turning TWELEVE! Twelve years ago this very night, I was falling asleep ((with the help of a strong sleep aid)) in the hospital in anticipation of being handed my very own warm bundle of heaven-scented squirmy love. The path to that night seems as though it was traveled a lifetime ago. But as his birthday approaches – strangely, my heart sinks and warms all at once. Continue reading

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