Double Vanilla Whipped Cream Buttercream

Double Vanilla Whipped Cream Buttercream

One of my favorite kitchen activities is the making of buttercream. Over the years, I have to admit, I have become  quite good at it, to the delight of my kitchen testers!

imageThe only problem with making the perfect buttercream is that it is mainly by sight and texture. An exact recipe is almost impossible to document ((at least for me))

I start with a base of a few cups of powdered sugar, ½ c softened butter, some vanilla and a few T of milk. 

I usually end up adding an entire bag of powdered sugar and the whole stick of butter.

Here is what I did for the Double Vanilla Whipped Cream Buttercream:

  • 1 stick of softened butter ((I always use salted butter — just because))
  • 1 ((entire)) bag of pure cane powdered sugar
  • 1 T ((yes tablespoon — that’s why I call it DOUBLE vanilla))
  • a dash of sea salt
  • whipping cream ((approximately 1/4 c)) added in increments until I reach the desired consistency

There are TWO keys to making perfect whipped cream buttercream:

  1.  use a stand mixer – a stand mixer beats air into the buttercream in the most delightful way. It is practically a “no-fail” method because it is really hard to over whip whipped cream buttercream.
  2. use whipping cream ((instead of milk)). As I said above, it is really hard to over beat whipped cream buttercream. Whipped cream keeps the buttercream light, airy & very spreadable — but thick enough that is doesn’t run or slide down your cake. 


And really, with these ingredients, you CANNOT  mess up! The only possible problem is that you make too much buttercream for one cake…and in my world that is a blessing not a problem (haha). I always save extra buttercream and send a small scoop in the kiddos lunch along with vanilla wafers and they make their own sandwich cookies for school lunch dessert.

One more recipe: Ganache! I posted a similar ganache recipe HERE if you want to check out a slightly different and very yummy way of making ganache.


1½ c See’s Candies Chocolate Chips & 1/4 – 1/3 c whipping cream, microwaved in 30 second increments, stirring in-between. Once chocolate chips are melted, continue to stir until desired thickness is reached. Pour the ganache over the buttercream frosted cake, allowing the ganache to drip over the sides of the cake.

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